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World Book Day

World Book Day

Our school has been celebrating World Book Day for the past couple of years. It's a chance to shine a light on the wonderful world of literature and connect a school wide set of activities to the learning students are doing every day in their lessons.

We started the celebrations with a writing competition, where students were able to write a short story up to 10 pages long by themselves or with a friend. We had really wonderful stories come in this year, and are excited to celebrate the students across the school who won the competition in their year groups! Students were rewarded with a Writing Competition Trophy and movie tickets!

After that, we filled the week with other fun activities. We held a dress-up day where staff and students could dress-up as their favourite book character. We also hosted our annual Book Cover Door Competition, where classes worked together to decorate their mentor classroom door to look like an existing book cover. The designs this year were amazing, and here you can see some of them!

We also have a competition celebrating the ever so popular book series, Harry Potter. Ms de Linares in the library had two Hedwig the Owl stuffed animals, and she hosted a competition for students to win one! The library windows were decorated with some famous quotes from the Harry Potter book series, and students needed to guess which character said that quote. Hopefully we can continue the competition next year with a new book series that's popular amongst the students!

All in all, we had a wonderful week of celebrating all that has to do with books. Not only do books contain facts and important information that we can learn from, but they also teach readers sympathy and understanding by traveling through the lives of different characters. They provide a quiet moment of rest and relaxation to many, or adventure and escape from reality for others! Luckily, schools are full of books, and we are dedicated to teaching students how to find their happiness in the vast world of literature that exists in the world!

Winter Sports Day

Winter Sports Day

Just before heading off on a well deserved Sportlov, our students had Winter Sports Day (in this gorgeous, spring-like weather Falun is having!). This year, we changed things up a bit and hosted year group based sports day, where all the students in one year group participated in the same winter activity together. Our focus was to provide every student, over the course of their years at our school, the opportunity to learn how to cross-country ski (Year 4), speed skate (Year 5), skate on the lake (Year 6), and downhill ski (Years 7-9). And what better way to do that then with your friends on a beautifully sunny day!

Falun is lucky to have the program Alla På Snö available to our Year 4 students. This is when gymnasium students in Falun are paired up with the students from our school to teach them how to cross-country ski for a day. They provide lessons and run fun activities, meaning that both those who have never cross-country skied before and those who have done it for years have an enjoyable day.

Year 5s got to meet with Dala Active Skater's Sven Olsson to test out a pair of real speed skates and race against their classmates (and teachers!). We also rented out the other skating rinks at Lugnet, so while they weren't in a speed skating lesson with Sven, they could practice their regular skating skills with friends or play a game of hockey.

As we all know, skating on a frozen lake isn't as easy as skating on a freshly cleaned and maintained skating rink! That's why the students in Year 6 headed over to Främby Udde for a day of learning to skate on the frozen Lake Runn. There is a small skating area just near the land for beginners, and then a 5km and 10km track for students to choose from when they feel ready to venture off!

And finally, our senior school (Years 7 - 9) went to Källviken to downhill ski (or snowboard, if they had their own). It's a great hill to learn on if students have never tried downhill skiing before, while also providing a day of fun for those who know how to downhill ski or snowboard. They also have a small hill to the side where student could go sledding, and a lovely ski chalet at the bottom of the hill for students to warm up in.

Luckily, all of these locations were equipped with an outdoor grill. So all of our staff and students got to grill hotdogs on an open fire and eat their lunch with a beautiful view on a sunny winter day. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to another wonderful Winter Sports Day next year!

End of Fall 2018 Term

End of Fall 2018 Term

Welcome back for the Spring 2019 Term! The days are getting brighter and longer (bit by bit!), and we have started off a whole new term of exciting lessons, activities, and event days.

Just before we went for holidays, we also had a really love end of Fall Term with the students. To get us in the Christmasy spirit, we started off with our Luciatåg organized by our wonderful Music teachers, Ms Fournier and Mr Ellis. This year, students from all across the school participated - and even some staff members, too! It was a very beautiful performance enjoyed by all (especially since it was followed by gingerbread cookies at lunch time!).

After that, we had Student Choice Days. We have traditionally hosted Choice Days at our school at the end of each term. These days are filled with fun activities hosted by our staff, usually connected to the Swedish curriculum but in a more hands on and practical way. However, this year we turned the Choice Day planning over to our Year 9 students as a leadership project embedded in their Life Skills lessons!

Our Year 9s did an absolutely amazing job researching, planning, designing, and executing their Choice Day activities! They came up with some brilliant activities to run - Character Creation Workshop, Open Art Studio, Gingerbread House Competition, Sci-Fi Writing Workshop, Aviation Studies, all sorts of different sports, and more! It was also a really great opportunity for the Year 9 students to work on their leadership skills by teaching and leading the younger students in the school. As an added bonus, students got to meet new people from all across the school that shared an interest in the activity they had signed up for, meaning students now know some new faces all across the school!

Here are some pictures from the Choice Day activities:


Beginning of Term

Beginning of Term

It's been quite a busy first month back to school here at IES Falun!

We had a wonderful and sunny beginning of term where we welcomed all the students back to school! It was so nice to see the hallways come back to life after a couple of weeks of just teachers and staff working.

We kicked off the year with a Year Group Day where classes went out on an adventure together in Falun and got to work on getting to know each other and teamwork skills. And just this week, we followed up on those introduction week themes with a full Friendship Week at school. We have had fun theme days, daily acts of kindness, and challenges for students to take part in while earning points. It's been really great watching the students work together and encourage each other to be good friends.

During this Friendship Week, we also hosted our annual Skoljoggen race and Aesthetics Afternoon with the students. Two completely different activities on one day - and really fun for the whole school! We started the morning off with Skoljoggen at Kålgården where students raced against their year group to take home a medal! We ran for an hour around Kålgården before coming back to school for lunch and heading into the Aesthetics Afternoon.

Our wonderful Ms Ghani introduced a school wide project this year to bring our to life the art work our staff and students make. To kick-off the project, all staff and students have participated in an art installation that is now presented all across our school. We have all decorated a circle to represent what our school stands for. We had themes such as international, growth, empathy, structure, love, and inclusiveness. The staff and students created the most beautiful pieces of artwork that have really brought our school to life!

It's been a wonderful beginning of term, and we are really looking forward to what the rest of the school year brings!

Year 4 Goes to Naturskolan

Year 4 Goes to Naturskolan

Here in Falu Kommun, we’re really lucky to have access to Naturskolan. They have unique programming for the different year levels, and our students take a day off from their regular classroom lessons to have an amazing lesson in the world’s biggest classroom - nature!

Back in September, you could see pictures and stories from the Year 6’s trip to Naturskolan. This month, our Year 4s visit was full of fun team building and meeting the farm animals (their favourite part!).

The day started off with a class meeting in the Naturskolan Teepee, where we met our leaders, ate snack, and learned about what we would be doing for the day. Then we were all randomly divided into groups - the pinecone group, the grains group, the stick group, and the wool group! These were our groups for the day to do all the activities in.

Two groups started at the wood stations. Here we learned how to chop a tree from start to finish. Our Naturskolan guide, Evis, taught us how to seperate the large logs of wood into smaller pieces, how to saw, and how to chop the wood into smaller pieces that are great for a fire. Students got to be part of the process from start to finish, and then places the smaller pieces in a pile that will dry out for the next year before it can be firewood.

The other half of the group got to visit the farm animals. Naturskolan is home to many cows, pigs, goats, and sheep! Students got to visit all the animals and then prepare a snack for them. Scroll down to see pictures of all the animals.

After a wonderful morning, we ate lunch together in the teepee by a fire before we set off on our afternoon adventures. It was really fun to hear students reflect on their morning activities and discuss how to take better care of nature and animals. After everyone finished eating, we headed off to the river to do a really fun team building activity. Students created watermills together in their groups and then got to test them in the water once they were done.

To finish off the day, students got to have a quiet moment where they could carve and design their own bark boats (barkbåtar) and test them out in the water before we headed back to school.

A wonderful day was had by all students and teachers at Naturskolan! See below for even more pictures from our adventures. :)

World Book Day Celebrations

World Book Day Celebrations

Hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Book Day is celebrated around the world on April 23rd each year. The day is to celebrate books and to promote reading. This year, Ms de Linares wanted to host a week-long celebration for World Book Day, so IES Falun had lots of fun activities happening!

To begin World Book Day celebrations, we opened up a competitions where classes were to design their classroom door to look like a book cover. They could chose to decorate their door like a book they had been reading together in class, or a book that their age group really loves, or a childrens book they all grew up on. It was up to the students in the class to pick the book and work together to recreate the cover across their classroom door. Our students did an absolutely amazing job, and you can see some of our classroom doors below!

In the library, Ms de Linares had worked her magic to create five miniature scenes from five different famous books. Throughout the week, students could come to the library to try to guess which book the scene was from, and who the author of the book was, to win some prizes! If they had a hard time figuring it out, they just needed to look for clues around the library!

Ms de Linares also hosted cozy origami lessons before school and on breaks for students who wanted to learn how do origami. She taught them how to fold a paper swans, foxes, and more!

On Thursday, Usborne Books came to sell books in the library. Usborne Books comes a few times a year to our school to sell English books, which is such a wonderful opportunity for our community since childrens books in English are hard to come by!

Finally, to finish off the week of World Book Day celebrations, we hosted a Favourite Book Character dress-up day! It was so fun to see which characters staff and students around the school chose to be.

We had a really wonderful time celebrating books this year for World Book Day. Looking forward to next year’s celebrations!

Winter Sports Day

Winter Sports Day

Both staff and students had a great time at this year’s Winter Sports Day! As we have done in the past, students got to choose between three activities: skiing and snowboarding at Källviksbackan, skating at Lugnet, or sledding at Åsbobacken.

On Winter Sports Day, students met their leaders at school and then headed off to have a fun day in the snow! Lucky for us, the weather was on our side and everyone had great conditions to do their winter sports in. At lunch time, students and staff created a big fire to roast their hotdogs on for a cozy winter’s day meal together.

Next year, our school looks forward to some exciting changes in our Winter Sports Day set-up. As we strive to build stronger relationships between students in parallel classes, we will be doing winter sports activities as a Year Group moving forward. This way, students still get to do fun winter sports for a day, but they also get to meet students from the other classes in their Year Group.

Alla På Snö (Year 4)

Alla På Snö (Year 4)

Falun, Sweden is both a local and international hub for skiing. We host the annual Swedish Ski Games, have hosted the Nordic World Ski Championships a number of times, and have even bid to host the Winter Olympics! With so much skiing happening around town, it’s such a surprise that IES Falun participated in Alla På Snö for the first time this Winter!

Alla På Snö is a wonderful event organized by the Swedish Ski Association (Svenska Skidförbundet). Each year, they invite students from Year 4 to participate in a fun day in the snow. It is an incredible opportunity for both the students and the leaders to connect through such a fun sport!

This year, students from Kristinegymnasiet acted as the station leaders for our Year 4 students. They lead five different stations, where students got to warm up in their skis, play tag, complete in obstacle courses, and learn how to do some slalom in their cross country skis. Of course going downhill was the most exciting part!

‘The leaders were really nice! They were really good at explaining what we would do at each station’ said a student in 4B. When we asked the students what their wishes were for next time, most were quick to request a longer day of skiing.

Our school is really looking forward to future years with Alla På Snö!

Welcome Back for Spring Term!

Welcome Back for Spring Term!

We hope all our IES Falun families have had a happy, healthy, and relaxing break for the holidays! It's almost time to start our Spring 2018 Term!

Spring Term Start Date: Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 (students follow their regular Wednesday schedule)

This Spring, we have lots to look forward to at IES Falun! Students and families can follow along in our SchoolSoft Calendar for specific dates, times, and locations, but here is a little sneak peak:

  • January: Welcome Back Disco hosted by the Year 7s
  • February: Social Media Week, Friendship Week, Here4U Disco, Winter Sports Day, and the Library VIP Event
  • April: World Book Day and Book Binding Days in the Library
  • June: Creative Subject Day, Choice Days, and Mentor Days

Looking forward to a fun and exciting Spring Term together!

Skoljoggen 2017

Skoljoggen 2017

Hello IES Falun!

Yesterday, our school ran Skoljoggen for the first time, and it was such a great morning!

Students arrived at school between 08:00 - 09:00 for some warm oatmeal and sandwiches at Breakfast Club, and then they headed out to Kålgården for their 60 minute run, jog, walk, or skip around the lake. We also lucked out with some gorgeous autumn weather - perfect for some outdoor exercise!

The loop around Kålgården is approximately 1500m long - which is a pretty long route! But our staff and students were able to do an average of 3 laps around the lake (4.5 km!). So on that note, we wanted to share some statistics from our very first Skoljoggen!

**Our students ran around Kålgården a total of 1146 times!**

**Our students ran a total of 1716 km!**


  • 3rd place prize goes to… 6C with 85 laps around Kålgården (127.5 km!)
  • 2nd place prize goes to… 6A with 89 laps around Kålgården (133.5 km!)
  • 1st place prize goes to… 5C with 90 laps around Kålgården (135 km!)


  • 3rd place prize goes to… 7A with 73 laps around Kålgården (109.5 km!)
  • 2nd place prize goes to… 7C with 74 laps around Kålgården (111 km!)
  • 1st place prize goes to… 9A with 78 laps around Kålgården (117 km!)

Congratulations to our Winning Class: 5C!! These students ran 135 kms together, averaging 5.6 km a person. Way to go, 5C!

A big thank you to everyone who has already contributed on behalf of our school to Clowner utan Gränser. If you would like to make a donation still, you can visit our *IES Falun Skoljoggen Page*, and it will be open until Saturday, September 30th.

Good job, IES Falun!