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Från rektorn

Welcome Back for 2020/2021

Welcome Back for 2020/2021

Dear all

Two and a half weeks in on the fall term, we are off to an exciting start with the academic year of 2020-21. The initial Mentor/Class and Year Team days were focusing on carefully getting back together after the “staycation” summer holiday. Students and staff enjoyed the first days back in school together doing different activities and setting a clear tone and common direction to live up to our expectations on each other regarding our ethos; our safe and calm learning environment, high academic aspirations and the command of the English language.

We are also well on our way to fostering a fundamental and very important relationship with our students' guardians. After hosting three well attended digital guardian evenings we feel we are going in the right direction when it comes to guardian involvement and our joint mission to support our students together. During the curriculum and SchoolSoft evening our IT-pedagogist and one of our lead teachers (förstelärare). 

It is important that we all work together in how to appreciate, understand and embrace the learning process. In order to learn, we must all adopt a growth mindset and welcome the work it entails. Understanding the expectations is a prerequisite for it. Thanks for attending! 

We believe that the key to understanding the purpose of school for our students is knowledge and an appreciation for the Swedish curriculum. To really support our students this year, with the new changes in mind, we will be hosting monthly guardian evenings with various topics based on your wishes from the quality survey this spring. These evenings will be held digitally until further notice, and focus on how guardians can get the most out of SchoolSoft to support their children the best way. During September it will be about how to find and understand the teachers' plannings, homework and other news updates, as well as booking development talks. In October, we will focus on how to find and understand knowledge matrices, assessments, grading and any subject and grade warnings.

Simultaneously, during the academic year, our lead teacher with the Swedish curriculum project will continue to support our students to better understand it. Our lead teacher will work with our Academic Council to find ways to increase the sense of security among the students regarding the central content and their right to education, as well as the knowledge requirements and what is expected to achieve a certain level of knowledge in the different subjects, and thus the different grades for years 6-9.

In addition to the above curriculum project, we have three additional lead teacher projects this academic year with the aim of strengthening the understanding of, and visibility of learning.  Our home economic teacher will, together with the students, arrange an international food week, v. 39, in connection with the European Language Day 26/9, as well as school PRAO for students in yr 7 starting v. 45. One of our crafts teachers focuses on raising students' pride and awareness of learning by visualizing and highlighting learning in different ways, and our Head of visual aesthetics has a more theoretical project that is about raising the quality of our so-called common thread in the various subjects from years 4-9, and across subjects. In addition to this, we will also work more visibly and systematically with study skills this academic year. Our special educator has put together a program of eight study skills per year that will be practiced and consolidated through the various subjects for about a month. Each study skill is practiced and consolidated through the various subjects for about a month. This program is intended to be repeated and intensified each new year, as a common thread to build on previous years' moments.

In addition to the work we do in school every day, to live up to our ethos of commanding the English language, maintaining high academic expectations in a calm and safe work environment, we believe in both monthly contact between guardians and us, and in regular homework. Both of these increase our collaboration with guardians and provide better insight into all their childrens’ learning and development in school. Homework also provides an opportunity for repetition that strengthens the learning. When we show curiosity and ask questions about what they have done and learned during their school day we practice the art of reflecting on learning together. Each time we are challenged to explain something, we begin to think and activate our brains to remember and consolidate, which in turn increases the chance that the new knowledge moves to the long-term memory. Here is more information about this.

In addition to each subjects’ tutorials on Tuesday (sv / sva, eng, ma, so, no) and Thursday afternoons (ty / spa / fr, mu, hkk, id, bi, slöjd), we continue to invest heavily in that our students achieve a high level of reading ability with reading tutorial in the library with a certified teacher four afternoons a week, Monday - Thursday.

We are also looking forward to coordinating other fun and important activities for our students and will work closely with our parent and teacher association (PTA). “PTA IES Falun is a parents association whose purpose is to safeguard and develop students interests and needs in the school environment and to form a link between parents, school staff, school management and student councils. The purpose of the association is to follow the development within the school area and, if necessary, act, follow and influence the work at the IES Falun ”.

Together with Region Dalarna (link here), we need to work together to successfully reduce the spread of Covid-19 and follow our national guidelines to stay at home with slightest symptoms as well as booking time for testing (link on how to book here) and follow the health care’s recommendations. As of 31/8, Folkhälsomyndigheten (the Swedish Public Health Agency) recommends that school children should be tested for Covid-19 to the same extent as adults. Testing is not required for students, coworkers or other persons coming to school - symptoms and test results for Covid-19 must be handled according to the guidelines from Folkhälsomyndigheten below.

In school, everyone should feel safe and must be respectful and responsible. During Covid-19, this also means keeping a social distance from classmates and staff and ensuring proper and consistent hand washing throughout the day.

Together, we are working towards our vision that all students at IES Falun are equipped with knowledge and values so that they feel secure and proud to make well-thought-out and wise choices in our democratic and equal society. We engage and challenge ourselves and each other to ensure our high academic expectations in a bilingual and safe learning environment.

We are looking forward to the Academic School Year 2020/2021. Let’s make it a really good one!


Från rektorn

Happy Summer 2020

Happy Summer 2020

Dear all

We have just finished IES Falun's sixth school year, and celebrated, thanked and wished the Class of 2020 all the best for their next adventure in their lives. This year's graduation was not only about celebrating the graduates achievements of 9 years of hard work during compulsory school, Class of 2020 was IES Faun’s first class to complete the full six years, starting in year 4 all the way through to year 9. Class of 2020 graduated at an exceptional time, and they handled it really well. They have been great role models in school, and shown leadership in many new ways, as well as managing to combine three end of term events into one; Graduation & Leavers Lunch with a Prom flavour. After six years of high expectations in a safe and calm bilingual learning environment each of these students have developed in to their own unique individuals, well equipped with knowledge and skills for making thoughtful choices for both their and our common future. 

A dear thank you to all students, guardians, and staff at IES Falun for this academic year. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this challenging spring term to uphold our quality education. Together, we have completed this academic year; learning, adapting and gaining new experiences along the way.

We are happy to announce the results from our annual quality survey show that we have increased the quality in the majority of areas. The students' experience of a safe and calm learning environment, as well as perception of “trivsel” and student influence, are back to the level we had two years ago, and even better, which is very pleasing. 

  • 91% of our students responded that they feel safe in our school without having to worry about different forms of personal violence or bullying. 
  • 78% of our students replied that our expectations of peace and quiet in our school, so that teachers can teach and students can work holds true. 
  • 76 % of our students experience that they get good feedback and feedforward from our teachers to grow and to develop further with their learning.
  • 84% of our students feel that they can access more challenging school work from their teachers if they want.
  • 78-80% of our responded that our school environment is garbage and grafitti free.

Apart from keeping these above key performance indicators at their level, or higher, the areas we need to focus on next year is the school lunch and more ways to involve guardians.  

  • 22% of the students and 45% of the guardians replied that they are satisfied with the quality of the school food.
  • 54% of the guardians assess the parental involvement as good.

We aim to have a full PTA, Parent Teacher Association, for the upcoming year. We plan to do two separate parent evenings, as well as developing a better IT-support program for guardians. 

  • One separate parent evening for Year Teams 4-6 
  • One separate parent evening  for Year Teams 7-9 
  • Three Lgr 11 Curriculum & SchoolSoft evenings throughout the school year.

To sum up, the results show that 94% of our guardians would recommend IES Falun to another parent, and below is a quote from one of the respondent families to illustrate this.

“Ni gör alla ett fantastiskt arbete! Håll i de höga förväntningarna på eleverna och fortsätt jobba för bra studieklimat i klassrummen och en spännande blandning av internationella och lokala lärare. Skolans profil bidrar till Faluns attraktivitet”.

Now, we all deserve a relaxing summer break, so we can return in August, ready to take on new challenges and apply the abilities that have developed during the summer.

During the next school year, 2020-21, we look forward to welcoming our new families in year 4, and a few new students in other years to our school. We will grow a little bit next year and become about 510 students all together.

Thank you everyone for this year, and I wish you a really nice summer!


Från rektorn

New Student Workshop & our new Virtual Tour!

As we continue to navigate the current coronavirus situation throughout the Spring Term, we felt that it was best not to host an in-person New Student Workshop for those of you who will be joining us in August 2020.

Instead, we have decided to host an Online New Student Workshop on Saturday, May 30th and we have also created a Virtual Tour which will be accessible on our website so you can still see inside our school!

Further information, the time, and how to log in to the Online Workshop, will be announced soon.

If you have not registered your child to start in Year 4 in August 2020 there is still time to do so and be part of our Online New Student Workshop on May 30th!

Those who are already registered will receive email updates with further information.

Additionally, for more informal updates, you are always welcome to follow us on our IES Falun Instagram page, where we post weekly updates and information. Check us out at @IESFalun!

Ms Iljans


New Student Workshop & vår nya Virtuella Rundtur!

Då vi nu fortsätter att navigera oss genom denna situation med coronaviruset under sista delen av vårterminen, känner vi att det vore bäst att inte ha en fysisk New Student Workshop för er som kommer att börja med oss i Augusti 2020.

Istället har vi beslutat att hålla en Online New Student Workshop lördagen den 30:e Maj och vi har även skapat en virtuell guidad tur som kommer att bli tillgänglig på vår hemsida där ni ändå kan se vår skola inifrån!

Ytterligare information, som tid och hur ni kan logga in till vår Online Workshop, kommer snart att publiceras.

Om ni inte har registrerat ert barn i vår kö för att börja hos oss i årskurs 4 i Augusti 2020 så finns fortfarande möjlighet att göra det och även vara med på vår Online New Student Workshop den 30:e Maj!

För er som redan är registrerade i vår kö kommer att få löpande mail med vidare information.

Ni är även varmt välkomna att följa oss på vårt IES Falun Instagram-konto, där vi kommer att posta uppdateringar och övrig information veckovis. Kolla in oss på @IESFalun!

Ms Iljans

Från rektorn

Happy Spring Term!

Dear all

We are now three weeks into the spring term 2020, and we are looking forward to reflect and learn new things together, as well as continuing to build our school community with our Councils. In the light of “Barnkonventionen”, Student Council are currently working on defining the concept of “trivsel” student influence, Friendship Council is starting up activities around respect and acceptance, Academic Council is preparing presentations for students in years 6 and 9 around feelings about the National Tests and Sport Council is just starting up again after being on paus during the fall term. Welcome spring term 2020!

Last week's well attended spring term parent evening was organised in a new format by meeting in Year Teams. Year team 6 & 9 started the evening together, since both groups have the National Tests coming up this spring term. Together they were able to get the important information from the Swedish, English, Math, Science and SO-teachers directly, as well as ask any questions. Beside the National Test information, the overall theme of the evening was to get an overview of the spring term planning, as well as a deeper understanding of chapter 1 and 2 of the Swedish Curriculum, Lgr 11 and our Likabehandlingsplan and plan against kränkande behandling.

Our very important students’ development talks are coming up, and like during this fall we are using the SMART-format; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound, to help the talks with focus. The development talks are one of the most important meetings during the school year, as they are an opportunity for reflection on learning and development academically and socially, and to keep future dreams alive. The reflection process and the goal-setting that take place during these talks are an essential part of the education. It is of course important to reflect on the learning more often than during the Development talks, so we also aim to make reflection a habit in school. Each week we practice reflecting on learning, and how one can use the new knowledge any given day.

Together, we will work resolutely towards our vision that all our students are equipped with the knowledge, values and tools to feel so safe, secure and knowledgeable, to make wise, well-thought-out and choices in our democratic and equal society. This year we focus on learning and reflection as well as being responsible, respectful and feeling safe. We do this together to create our safe and calm environment.


Från rektorn

Happy Advent

Dear all,

The Fall Term is soon coming to an end as we are gearing up for the cozy and so well deserved holiday break. Teachers and students are wrapping up their classroom projects, Luciatåg practice is underway, and our students are enjoying some tomtegröt and Julkalendern in the mornings before their lessons. What a wonderful time of the year!

We had our Open House a few weeks ago. There was a fantastic turnout and it was a rewarding evening for us, with many possible future families to join our school. We had over 200 visitors filling our Lunch Hall, who also took the opportunity to walk around the school to ask questions and learn more about our school environment, our subject rooms, the energy and passion shared by the great number of students who showed up to proudly guide our visitors around the school.

Our Student Council is busy finishing up their work on our school’s Abusive Treatment Plan, which is part of our Equal Treatment Plan. They have also been meeting with Fazer (our food deliverer) during our Food Council Meetings. 

The Oral National Tests have just happened for our Year 6 and 9 students. Meanwhile, students in Years 4, 5, 7, and 8 had Year Team days filled with fun activities together with their classmates (visits to 2047 Framtidsmuseét and Falun’s new Moco Loco indoor football field, among other places!). The students in Year 7 and 8 also had a day focused on learning about tolerance, with a presentation by Mary Jeseela and her team from https://www.likaolikametoden.se/, followed with two lessons and group work.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be enjoying the holiday spirit around school! We have our Luciatåg planned for next week (filled with staff and students!), our yearly Julbord is planned for December 13th, and there are rumours of a cozy dress-up day being planned for the end of term!

There are just two weeks left of the Fall 2019 Term, which means there are lots of activities planned and work to be completed, and together, “to-get-there”, we continue to work resolutely towards our vision that all our students are equipped with the knowledge, values and tools to feel so safe, secure and knowledgeable, to make wise, well-thought-out and choices in our democratic and equal society. We celebrate and challenge ourselves and each other! We do this together.


Från rektorn

One and a half week in to the school year 2019-20

Dear all

After one Class-day, one Year Team-day and one week of regular school days, we are now off to an exciting school year. Students and staff have been enjoying the time together doing different activities and setting a clear tone regarding our expectations about our safe and calm learning environment, high academic aspirations, along with getting the students back into the mode of speaking English. There will be stories from the Year Team day published shortly.

This year IES Falun has grown to 504 students, in 18 three parallel classes in Year Teams 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, as well as 55 members of staff, of various nationalities.

Last week’s Academic SchoolSoft evening for guardians and parents was well attended. Parents and guardians were able to discuss with each other, and one of our Förstelärare, Ms Pietilä and IT-rep Mr Grindrod, to gain a better understanding of the Swedish curriculum, Lgr 11 , and how it is connected to School Soft to show the students’ learning progress. This Wednesday we had the fall term’s Parents and Guardians Meeting the Mentors Evening with a social development focus. 

It is important that we all work together to support our young learners in how to appreciate, understand and embrace the learning process and develop as respectful, safe and responsible democratic citizens. In order to learn and develop, we must all adopt a growth mindset and welcome the work it entails both academically and socially. Understanding the expectations, is a prerequisite for it.  Thanks for attending! 

Together, we will work resolutely towards our vision that all our students are equipped with the knowledge, values and tools to feel so safe, secure and knowledgeable, to make wise, well-thought-out and choices in our democratic and equal society. We celebrate and challenge ourselves and each other! We do this together.


Från rektorn

Approaching the end of the Academic Year 2018-19, and welcoming new students during IES Falun PTA’s barbeque evening

After a long and intensive National Tests period, students in year 6 completed their national tests last week, and this week, year 9 students finished their last national tests.

To support our students during these 12 weeks, Mr Andersson has collected their stress in his beard, and today, after the students in year 9 finished their last National test for the year, he had shaved it off to celebrate with them and gave a speech about being respectful to each other, and true to oneself in future choices.  


Mr Andersson during NT-period.


Year 9 students celebrating after the last test, and Mr Andersson in the background.

This upcoming week, PTA is also hosting our annual barbeque evening, to welcome our new students for next year. News from this event will be coming shortly. We wish all new families warmly welcome to IES Falun!

Från rektorn

January 2019

Dear all

We are now well started with the spring term. Going on the fourth week, we have now enrolled in the National tests period for Year 6 & 9. 

We have had our Parent Evening, where different year groups focused on different topics. We have also carried out this term’s Development talks last week. The development talks are one of the most important meetings during the school year, as they are an opportunity for reflection on learning and development academically and socially, and to keep future dreams alive. The reflection process and the goal-setting that take place during these talks are an essential part of the education.

Together, mentors, students and guardians reflect and evaluate the goals from the last development talks and feedback / feedforward from the teachers, to make learning meaningful, with the best interest of each child. We cooperate to stimulate and support our students to develop as far as possible. It is about our collective responsibility for your child's right to education. Together, we shall help them fill their "backpacks" with the knowledge and values they need in order to navigate safely, and make well thoughts decisions in a complex and changeable reality with a vaste flow of information.

During the development afternoons, "Study Club" was organized in the Lunch Hall, where staff was available to support our students with their school work.

Next we are preparing for Winter Sports Day, that is coming up next week with cross country skiing and speed skating aat Lugnet, långfärds-skating at Främby udde, as well as down hill skiing and snowboarding at Källviken. Parents and guardians are welcome to join. Please contact us this week.

Thank you all students, guardians and staff!

We are off to yet another exciting term at IES Falun.

Från rektorn

Wrapping up the fall term 2018

Dear all,

We have just finished up our fall term here at IES Falun, and consistent to IES Falun habit of walking the extra mile together, staff wrapped it up this Wednesday.

Thank you all for an intense and valuable term here at IES Falun. Students and staff have been busy all the way to the end, and have done wonderful job of building our school culture further. It has been great to see everybody integrating well with the new class mixing, and to see the students developing their academic knowledges and skills throughout the term.

Thank you also to all parents and guardians for this term. Together with you, we support each other for the best for your children / our students. As we grow larger and build our community, it is important to remind ourselves of who we are and what we value. Thank you for your co-operation in building our positive and respectful atmosphere, for our calm learning environment, supporting the development of bilingualism, and always having high expectations in everything we do, through challenges and growth. Thank you also for co-operation with improving the traffic situation outside of school this term.

I wish you all a restful break with a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you all Wednesday January 9th 2019.