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Spring is here

It has been a long battle for "Gumman Tö" to arrive with Spring this year. Last week, she managed to the clear the bandy-plan from snow and ice, and this week she got help from several students, who worked devotedly to clear the soccer field. In fact, the entire schoolyard is finally clean, and now provides many summer-time, wished, and longed for, activities.

Since the 15th April, we have also enjoyed our new kitchen manager's, Mr. Björklund, new lunch menu. Our lunches have had a huge boost, especially with the nice salad buffet, that offers so many varieties and choices.

This week started with World Book Day, which we, at IES Falun, of course, celebrate throughout the week. Ms de Linares is hosting a series of events in the library, and students and mentors are decorating their classroom doors as a book cover. The week will end with a Spirit Day, when we all dress up as our favourite book characters. Please, find some examples to the right in the School blog, and below are some examples of the “guess which book”-competition.


Magdalena Iljans

From the Principal

Workshop Day for our new students that will join us in August 2018

Dear all

This Saturday, we had the pleasure to welcome our new students that will join us at IES Falun in August 2018.

I had the privilege to welcome 94 excited students and their guardians outside on our Playground in the most beautiful winter weather. 14 teachers then collected the students in groups, and guided them in through our school and in to class rooms, where they had their first experience on how life as a student at IES Falun is. The students had three mini-lessons, in Math, Swedish and English, as well as a social activity.

This Work Shop Day is an opportunity for both our new students to get to know our school and each other, and our new IESF guardians, to meet each other, and the management team.

While their children were in “lessons”, the guardians met in the lunch hall, where I explained about IES Falun, what we believe in as a school organisation, our expectations and how we need to work together to balance and ensure our students well-being in school and outside of school. The school's Academic Assistant Principal, Ms Doty spoke about the academics at the school, how we work to support that all students fulfill their potential. Our Junior Club leader, Ms Campbell, also explained about Junior Club.

Thank you so much to everyone who came!

We ask guardians of students who could not attend the Workshop Day on Saturday to contact Ms Ailsa Panton as soon as possible to secure placement for your child in August. Her email address is

Best Regards,

Ms Iljans

Friendship Week Olympics!

Friendship Week Olympics!

Friendship Week has been a tradition here at IES Falun since we opened our doors in 2014. It’s a week where we can focus on building stronger friendships and think more about treating others with respect and kindness. However, this year we got a little inspiration from the Olympics taking place, so we decided to host the Friendship Week Olympics for the first time!

The response was absolutely amazing! Students really rose to the occasion and truly embodied what it means to care for others.

The competition comprised of a number of small challenges. IES Falun’s regular reward system, called Well Dones, were counted as points when students went above and beyond to show kindness towards someone else. We also hosted Theme Days, Year Group Lunches, and Instagram Challenges all week long where students could earn different amounts of points for participation. The final game changer was a challenge all classes received: to perform a (not so) Random Act of Kindness towards another class! Each class in the school received an envelope with a piece of paper outlining their challenge. Before the week was out, they needed to surprise their designated class. Students used their imaginations and surprised their fellow schoolmates in such amazing ways - singing them songs, baking them fika, and decorating their classrooms or lockers. It was a real treat to see each class work as a team to make another class happy!

In the end, we celebrated the two winning classes with fika - the Junior class and Senior class with the most Friendship Week Olympic Points. Our senior student competition was so tight - the first place and second place classes were only a half point apart! So, in the true spirit of Friendship Week, our Senior winners shared their fika with the 2nd place class and have a lovely fika together before Sportlov.

We are all so proud of our students for their engagement in the Friendship Week Olympics! We have lots of energy from both staff and students to continue these activities more often in our school, which we are so looking forward to!

Winter Sports Day

Winter Sports Day

Both staff and students had a great time at this year’s Winter Sports Day! As we have done in the past, students got to choose between three activities: skiing and snowboarding at Källviksbackan, skating at Lugnet, or sledding at Åsbobacken.

On Winter Sports Day, students met their leaders at school and then headed off to have a fun day in the snow! Lucky for us, the weather was on our side and everyone had great conditions to do their winter sports in. At lunch time, students and staff created a big fire to roast their hotdogs on for a cozy winter’s day meal together.

Next year, our school looks forward to some exciting changes in our Winter Sports Day set-up. As we strive to build stronger relationships between students in parallel classes, we will be doing winter sports activities as a Year Group moving forward. This way, students still get to do fun winter sports for a day, but they also get to meet students from the other classes in their Year Group.

From the Principal

Introductory Workshop on March 17th!

We are all looking forward to welcoming our new students who will be starting with us in August 2018!

On Saturday, March 17th, we will be running our Introductory Workshop for all our new students and their guardians.

Students will have the opportunity to meet our teachers and also their future fellow students. They will have short lessons in Swedish, Math, and English, a break for a drink and snack, followed by a tour of our school.

While students go to their classrooms, guardians are invited to come to the lunch hall for an information meeting with the school leadership team and the school’s parent teacher association (PTA). After the presentation, guardians are welcome to stay for a coffee mingle until the students are ready for collection.

If you require any further information or have any questions regarding the Workshop, please do not hesitate to contact our Administrator Ms Ailsa Panton at 070 084 1501 or via email

We look forward to meeting you on the 17th of March!

Magdalena Iljans