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Lucia performance at IES Falun

Lucia performance at IES Falun

Image: Lucia performance from students at IES Falun

Lucia this year at IES Falun was a big success. Elsa Åkerström was nominated as Lucia and she did a beautiful job. Hannes Furhoff was nominated Staffan and likewise did a great job. We had many students from grade 4 this year, some from grade 5 and just 1 each from grade 6 and 8. 

We had some beautiful Christmas lights put up in the hall to make a stage for the lucia train and Mr Smith played the piano brought down from the music room. 
This year we had to do 3 separate performances due to the size of the school. First for the grades 4, 5 and 6, then for grades 7 and 8. In the afternoon there was a special extra performance for the parents and families. 

All the students in the lucia train including the pepparkaksgubbar, tomtar, of tärnor looked wonderful and did a great job with their costumes. They sang beautifully, and the teachers were so proud!


Library poster competition

Library poster competition


We would like the library to be an exciting and inviting place; a focal point for the school. 

With this idea in mind, I wanted the students to think about books and reading: what they felt was the magic / förtrollande element. Reading is not just educational, but also the possibility to escape into a totally different world; become someone else; follow someone else's story and so very much more. 

I asked the students to design a poster for the library which would reflect all this, and thought perhaps I would receive about 30 entries. The response was fantastic with almost 100 entries!! These were all displayed in the library and it was the students themselves who voted for the winning picture. A difficult task indeed! 

Thank you so much everyone for all your beautiful work and enthusiasm. And please, keep an eye out for the next library special event soon coming up!!

Kristina de Linares


BBQ med föräldrar, elever och lärare

BBQ med föräldrar, elever och lärare

Under torsdagskvällen var vi stolta över att bjuda in alla våra vårdnadshavare och elever till en BBQ där alla fick träffa mig, som ny rektor personligen och alla mentorer. De fick även se vår nyutbyggda skolbyggnad and många var imponerade av de rymliga och färgrika korridorerna och klassrummen. Vi ser fram emot ett fantastiskt år, där vi speciellt välkomnar  ny personal och elever. 









Camps That Teach Teamwork And Positivity

Camps That Teach Teamwork And Positivity

Location: The camp at Högbo Bruk

An action-packed programme of fun activities saw 60 children from more than 13 schools attend Internationella Engelska Skolan's camps as the Swedish summer got underway.

A three day programme included axe-throwing, team building activities, shooting and the always popular tree-top course.

Students also take responsibility for duties, including groups taking turns to watch the fire and make sure it doesn't go out overnight.

The activities are designed to promote positivity, teamwork and to boost the confidence of the students who attend the camp at Högbo Bruk, near Gävle.

Ingrid Sjöstrandt Needham from class 8G at IES Uppsala was one of the students taking part. She said: "I've really learned to step out of my comfort zone on several levels. Usually I always wear make up at school, but I actually went bare-faced the entire trip.  

"Another way I really got wonderfully uncomfortable was speaking my mind, sharing ideas and not avoiding people I didn't know. If I could stay for a week with these amazing people, I would in a heartbeat."

Mohammed Mohtadi, who had come to the camp from IES Hässelby, added: "My best memory from camp was to meet all the real friends that had fun inside them.  I learnt that if I have an idea I need to voice it and if I have a negative opinion then I need to keep it to myself because negativity spreads out fast to everyone."

Camp leader Tony Fowler, who works as Discipline Manager at IES Eskilstuna, said: "These events are very popular with the children who take part, but it is not just about having a good time.  The skills and the ways of thinking that we encourage during the camp will stand them in good stead in the classroom, and in future life. The idea behind the camps is to help the students grow as people, a wonderful compliment to the high quality education that they receive at our schools."

Ellery Nott from IES Uppsala was one of the teachers who brought children to the camp. 

He said: "During their short stay at camp, I witnessed an amazing transformation take place in nearly all the students. People that have trouble making friends were suddenly playing cards, darts, fishing and laughing with people from another school.  Many who were painfully shy before were brave enough to get up in front of camp with their team and perform a team song."

Jenna MacGillivary a teacher from Ies Hässelby added: "It is important to give these kinds of students that opportunity to grow and shine, like they do at this camp. These students often go unnoticed in lessons because they are quiet and shy and can often fade into the background.  "It is great to have the opportunity to see these students have the opportunity to meet with students who are similar, and see them be the ones to take charge and lead a group. These students rarely get these opportunities and it is good for them to see what they are capable in a different setting, when given the opportunity."

IES Schools which took part this year included those in: Johanneberg, Uppsala, Liljeholmen, Huddinge, Hässelby, Linköping, Bromma, Falun, Nacka, Täby, Sundsvall, Eskilstuna and Västerås.

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Schedule for the start of the next school year!

Here is the schedule for the start of the next school year:

  • Wednesday, August 19th​- First day of school (Lunch will be served that day) Year 4 and 5 09:00-12:00 Year 6 and 7 09:30-12:30 Year 8 10:00-13:00 
  • Thursday, August 20th​09:00-14:00 - Clash of the Classes 
  • Friday, August 21st​- Lessons according to schedule The schedule will be handed out to students on the first day of school. 

We wish all students and guardians a fantastic summer and welcome you back in August!

Tiderna för de första skoldagarna nästa läsår är följande: 

  • Onsdag 19 augusti​- Första skoldagen (Lunch serveras den dagen) Åk 4 och 5 09:00-12:00 Åk 6 och 7 09:30-12:30 Åk 8 10:00-13:00 
  • Torsdag 20 augusti ​09:00-14:00 - Clash of the classes 
  • Fredag 21 augusti​- Lektioner enligt schema Schema delas ut till eleverna första skoldagen. 

Vi önskar alla elever och föräldrar en fantastisk sommar och hälsar er välkomna tillbaka i augusti!

Thank you!

Best Regards / Med vänliga hälsningar

Ms Sara Stengård