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Wrapping up the fall term 2018

Dear all,

We have just finished up our fall term here at IES Falun, and consistent to IES Falun habit of walking the extra mile together, staff wrapped it up this Wednesday.

Thank you all for an intense and valuable term here at IES Falun. Students and staff have been busy all the way to the end, and have done wonderful job of building our school culture further. It has been great to see everybody integrating well with the new class mixing, and to see the students developing their academic knowledges and skills throughout the term.

Thank you also to all parents and guardians for this term. Together with you, we support each other for the best for your children / our students. As we grow larger and build our community, it is important to remind ourselves of who we are and what we value. Thank you for your co-operation in building our positive and respectful atmosphere, for our calm learning environment, supporting the development of bilingualism, and always having high expectations in everything we do, through challenges and growth. Thank you also for co-operation with improving the traffic situation outside of school this term.

I wish you all a restful break with a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you all Wednesday January 9th 2019.

Programing Club IES Falun

About IT club

Hi, my name is Henrik Watters. Every Thursday I go to computer Programing club and personally I think it is the best club there is at Engelska Skolan. My teacher Mr Grindrod is helping me create my website about the goods and the bads of IT. It is also about anything technological.

In the IT club, you can learn about anything to do with IT.

SO if you like IT, come and join us, today.    

From the Principal

Year Team 6 awarded for their Technology project

As part of their Technology project earlier this fall, the students in Year Team 6 have worked on solutions to solve the traffic situation outside of school.

Together, the students engaged and worked dedicatedly, which resulted in several innovative, creative and interesting ideas. The project also highlights how learning is interconnected with reality, and strengthen our school culture as well as student influence. The process in such social discourses, places our democratic values at heart.

There were short and long term solutions, less and more complex solutions, as well as less and more expensive solutions discussed. For ex. the suggestion to create a car parking building on the current parking area was met with arguments on that it meant more people would possibly drive their cars, which is not so great for the environment. However some students thought that charging a lot for this would enable more money to go into making a better well maintained system. This discussion also included a health-perspective, by placing physical education- and swimming facilities on the top floor, which would be convenient for IES to use.

All the students ideas were presented to Q-park and Diös, who quickly put their idea about the one-way system in place. This week, during Year Team 6’s assembly, Elke Herbst from Diös came to acknowledge, and thank the students for their commitment.

Well done, and congratulations to Year Team 6!

Football Skol DM

Over the past two weeks, our Junior students (Years 4 - 6) have had the opportunity to participate in the local Football Skol DM competition! This is something fairly new for our school, and we're really excited to be adding more sports into our school culture.

In September, our PE Teacher Mr Croft hosted try outs for one girls and one boys football team. The lucky crew that made it through to the IES Falun Football Team faced their first challenge together when they spent a day at the Skol DM competition! Our boys team travelled to Sundborn to challenge 3 other schools. They did amazingly, winning 2 of their 3 matches! The following week, our girls team headed over to Kopparvallen to also challenge 3 other schools. What an exciting day it was when they won all 3 of their matches! As the champion of this round, our girls will head out on another adventure soon when they will challenge a few more schools.

We are so proud of all the students who have tried out and played on these two teams! Many of our students play football at recess time, but don't have any formal training in after school programs. They all did amazingly and really exemplified what team spirit is!

To continue our quest to include more sports opportunities for students at school, we have also created a Sports Council this year. This is a team of students who want to see more sports available before, after, and during school - in the form of Skol IF activities and Skol DM competitions! Starting after Höstlov, this team will be running 4 after school sports clubs - basketball, football, dance, and dodgeball! The activities are open to all students, and we can't wait to see what other clubs open up during the school year!

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From the Principal

IES Falun awarded Most Improved IES School 2017-18

Last week, at IES Quality Conference, our school was awarded most improved IES school for the Academic Year 2017-18! This award is based on IES central quality survey, that our students, guardians and employees participate in annually, and anonymously each spring. 

These fine results are a product of a collective work at IES Falun during the past year. It has been a year of absolut dedication, and we will continue to develop together. Staff and students impress me every day, and together with PTA IES Falun has taken out the direction for a bright future. PTA is our Parent Teacher Association, that plays a crucial role for our students. Parents and school need to work close together, and one area that had improved considerable in last year's survey, was the parent involvement.

Warmly welcome to IES Falun to experience the school when you have the opportunity.