Welcome Back to IES Falun!

Welcome Back to IES Falun!

What a wonderful week it has been with all the staff and students back at IES Falun! After two weeks of training, the staff thoroughly enjoyed seeing the hallways come back to life as over 400 students poured in. A big welcome back to everyone, and an extra special welcome to all our new students!

We started off the year with something new: Year Group Day! Much like our past Clash of the Classes event, students played team building games and activities with their fellow classmates. Our school spread out across Falun - to Kålgården, Bojsen Beach, and Lilltorpet - for a day of fun with their classmates and mentors.

This year, we have divided the school into three Year Groups Teams: The Years 4 + 5 Group, The Years 6 + 7 Group, and The Years 8 + 9 Group. Our goal is to foster stronger relationships within our students’ year and year group, as we feel it will make a positive impact on their future at IES Falun. While it is important for students to know their classmates well, we also feel it’s important for them to meet the other students in their year level - to find new groups of friends who share interests and hobbies. You will see more Year Group themed days as the school year goes on!

After Year Group Day, our students started their regular classroom schedule. It’s been a great week so far, meeting our new students and staff for the exciting year ahead!

This year, our school will also be focusing on our Social Media more. That means our School Blog will be updated with information from events and activities in school, the SchoolSoft Calendar is fully up-to-date on all school-wide events for the Fall 2017 term, and our Instagram (@iesfalun) and Facebook (IES Falun) accounts will announce upcoming events and exciting happenins at school.

Looking forward to the wonderful year ahead!

The IES Falun Team