Pi Day Challenge!

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Pi Day Challenge!

Have you heard of International Pi Day before? It's a day to celebrate the mathematical constant π (Pi), and it's celebrated annually on March 14th (since π = 3.14). We have been celebrating this day for the past few years, usually with a special Pie Lunch at school (this year, the students got homemade apple pie for dessert!).

We also hosted an extra special challenge this year! Ms Iljans and Ms Ellis, together with Swedish memory champion and Talang contestent Johan von Essen, held a memory competitions. Johan von Essen challenged the students at IES Falun to remember as many digits of the Pi sequence as possible. He filmed a short video for the students, and we played it for them all on Monday morning's mentor time, with the Pi Challenge taking place on Friday.

Many students participated on Friday's Pi Challenge day, but we also had our top three winners! 1st place prize went to Karin in Year 4, who memorized 107 digits of pi! Year 5's Minna memorized 101, and our Year 6 student memories 63. When we asked the students how they were able to memorize so many digits, they let us know that they used some of Johan von Essen's tricks from his website and also tried to create some number patterns that they trained on each day.

We are so proud of our students! And thank you to everyone who participated.