January 2019

Från rektorn

Dear all

We are now well started with the spring term. Going on the fourth week, we have now enrolled in the National tests period for Year 6 & 9. 

We have had our Parent Evening, where different year groups focused on different topics. We have also carried out this term’s Development talks last week. The development talks are one of the most important meetings during the school year, as they are an opportunity for reflection on learning and development academically and socially, and to keep future dreams alive. The reflection process and the goal-setting that take place during these talks are an essential part of the education.

Together, mentors, students and guardians reflect and evaluate the goals from the last development talks and feedback / feedforward from the teachers, to make learning meaningful, with the best interest of each child. We cooperate to stimulate and support our students to develop as far as possible. It is about our collective responsibility for your child's right to education. Together, we shall help them fill their "backpacks" with the knowledge and values they need in order to navigate safely, and make well thoughts decisions in a complex and changeable reality with a vaste flow of information.

During the development afternoons, "Study Club" was organized in the Lunch Hall, where staff was available to support our students with their school work.

Next we are preparing for Winter Sports Day, that is coming up next week with cross country skiing and speed skating aat Lugnet, långfärds-skating at Främby udde, as well as down hill skiing and snowboarding at Källviken. Parents and guardians are welcome to join. Please contact us this week.

Thank you all students, guardians and staff!

We are off to yet another exciting term at IES Falun.