Graduation 2018

Graduation 2018

And just like that, another school year has come to a close!

IES Falun hosted their second Year 9 Graduation this year, and what a fantastic and heart-warming event it was. Our Graduating Class of 2018 has been with IES Falun since we opened our doors in 2014 (back when they were only in Year 6!).

We were lucky enough to have our entire school attend the graduation. All of our students got to watch as the graduating class received their awards and diplomas, and celebrate in their achievements at IES Falun. Our graduating class has really been a set of amazing role models and friends for our whole school this year, and we are so very proud of them!

In between awards and diplomas, we also got to watch a number of beautiful performances by some of our staff and students. We had a Blues Band, some singers, and two graduating students who performed Good Riddance by Green Day (from when they competed in the IES Eurovision contest).

It was a lovely day, and we are truely going to miss all the students who graduated this year! We wish you all the best on your next steps, and hope you visit us!