Friendship Week Olympics!

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Friendship Week Olympics!

Friendship Week has been a tradition here at IES Falun since we opened our doors in 2014. It’s a week where we can focus on building stronger friendships and think more about treating others with respect and kindness. However, this year we got a little inspiration from the Olympics taking place, so we decided to host the Friendship Week Olympics for the first time!

The response was absolutely amazing! Students really rose to the occasion and truly embodied what it means to care for others.

The competition comprised of a number of small challenges. IES Falun’s regular reward system, called Well Dones, were counted as points when students went above and beyond to show kindness towards someone else. We also hosted Theme Days, Year Group Lunches, and Instagram Challenges all week long where students could earn different amounts of points for participation. The final game changer was a challenge all classes received: to perform a (not so) Random Act of Kindness towards another class! Each class in the school received an envelope with a piece of paper outlining their challenge. Before the week was out, they needed to surprise their designated class. Students used their imaginations and surprised their fellow schoolmates in such amazing ways - singing them songs, baking them fika, and decorating their classrooms or lockers. It was a real treat to see each class work as a team to make another class happy!

In the end, we celebrated the two winning classes with fika - the Junior class and Senior class with the most Friendship Week Olympic Points. Our senior student competition was so tight - the first place and second place classes were only a half point apart! So, in the true spirit of Friendship Week, our Senior winners shared their fika with the 2nd place class and have a lovely fika together before Sportlov.

We are all so proud of our students for their engagement in the Friendship Week Olympics! We have lots of energy from both staff and students to continue these activities more often in our school, which we are so looking forward to!