Football Skol DM

Football Skol DM

Over the past two weeks, our Junior students (Years 4 - 6) have had the opportunity to participate in the local Football Skol DM competition! This is something fairly new for our school, and we're really excited to be adding more sports into our school culture.

In September, our PE Teacher Mr Croft hosted try outs for one girls and one boys football team. The lucky crew that made it through to the IES Falun Football Team faced their first challenge together when they spent a day at the Skol DM competition! Our boys team travelled to Sundborn to challenge 3 other schools. They did amazingly, winning 2 of their 3 matches! The following week, our girls team headed over to Kopparvallen to also challenge 3 other schools. What an exciting day it was when they won all 3 of their matches! As the champion of this round, our girls will head out on another adventure soon when they will challenge a few more schools.

We are so proud of all the students who have tried out and played on these two teams! Many of our students play football at recess time, but don't have any formal training in after school programs. They all did amazingly and really exemplified what team spirit is!

To continue our quest to include more sports opportunities for students at school, we have also created a Sports Council this year. This is a team of students who want to see more sports available before, after, and during school - in the form of Skol IF activities and Skol DM competitions! Starting after Höstlov, this team will be running 4 after school sports clubs - basketball, football, dance, and dodgeball! The activities are open to all students, and we can't wait to see what other clubs open up during the school year!

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