Life at IES Falun

At IES Falun we see the importance of having a solid, rich environment both structurally and with the teaching staff to provide the stimulation for students to have an excellent education experience to prepare them for future life.

We recruit teaching staff both in Sweden and internationally, to find the most outstanding teachers to offer the students the best possible educational environment. This also gives the students opportunities to explore other cultural backgrounds while learning.

The library is centrally located in the school and provides the students with easy access to all the books to read and further enrich their education, as well as the computers for use when working on research projects. There are frequent activities held in the library, such as world book day, book signing events and competitions for the students. These activities coupled with other events such as sports day, student choice day and mentor times allows the students to be involved in every aspect of school life.

The student lounge is open every day for the older students to take time out to socialise with their friends outside of classes and the junior club allows the younger students to play, create, draw and design anything their creative minds desire with support from our student activities co-ordinators.

Quotes from Students.

“I think it is good here in IES Falun. It has good rules and it's a fun school.”

Gabriella, Grade 4


“It is good and it’s fun but I want to play more basketball”

Greta Grade 5

(Great news for Greta a basketball court will be built in the playground during the summer)


“I think you learn a lot more here than in other schools”

Kristoffer Grade 5


“I started here because we knew it was more structured at the English school. It was also a new and popular school many thought it is good. It is special at the English school as you learn so much English. It is fun. I think it is a good school with much order.”

Student A, Grade 7