A School Library is a fundamental resource for supporting both students’ and teaching staff. It is a place of learning and thinking. A place that should encourage collaborative learning and sharing of ideas.

It is of course important that the library here at IES Falun reflects all the above points. But in today’s fast moving and modern society, most students no longer look upon the library as a sanctuary or a mine containing treasures to discover. It is a challenge to get them to step through the door! They regard the library as a”dead area”, a place where people borrow books, read or study in quiet. Generally a boring place where nothing much happens.

We like to breath new life into the word “library” and give it an exciting connotation by making our library a focal point and meeting point for the school. A “hot spot”. With this in mind, it is the students themselves who choose the books we order for the library (within reason of course) and they have access to student computers which can be used to research information for their projects.

We also organize cultural events such as our successful VIP event, World book day (When Leksands Folkhögskola bookbinding students spent all day with us demonstrating bookbinding, origami and marbling techniques). Other events include Poets corner, art competitions and many more. We also hold lunch-break activities such as the origami club, crossword club, chess, club and debating society.

We look forward to seeing your children in our library. Welcome!