Junior Club

Junior Club is the after-school fritids program at IES Falun. We strive to create a social environment for students where they can make new friends, explore their different interests through being creative and collaborative, and speak conversational English (although, we are also able to speak Swedish!).

We generally start with playing board games and doing arts and crafts while we wait for all students to finish class for the day. Then we eat a snack together, clean-up, and continue on with the day's activities. We play outside as often as we can, but we also plan other fun activities with the students, such as baking, seasonal crafts, dodgeball, or watching movies together. While we don't have designated homework time during Junior Club, students are able to work on homework if they would like to, and we also encourage them to go to surgery if parents or teachers have asked that of us.

Students in our junior division (Years 4 - 6) have the opportunity at the beginning of each term to sign up for our program. We begin directly after school ends and run until 17:00 each weekday. We operate on regular school days, but are closed during in-service days, school holidays, and the summer holidays.