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Creative Subject Day

Creative Subject Day

This year, we have introduced a new day to our calendar - Creative Subject Day! This day is an opportunity for teachers to host more creative and dynamic lessons with their students in their regular subjects. A time for them to do something that spans across all parts of their subject’s curriculum.

One of our teachers, Ms Ellis, hosted a wonderful activity with her Year 6 students during their math lessons. Students learned how to make different 3D shapes out of paper to then create a beautiful Christmas Tree for our Lunch Hall. Then they decorated it with ornaments and snowflakes of all different shapes and sizes!

Other teachers hosted lessons with everyone singing Christmas Carols, students designing holiday cards, and decorating the school with beautiful pieces of art.

We had a wonderful first annual Creative Subject Day! :)

From the Principal

Christmas time

Dear all

The Fall term is already coming to an end, and after an exciting and rewarding autumn term, with dreams, schoolwork and play, Christmas holiday is just around the corner.

During the last couple of weeks, everybody have been focusing on meeting the deadlines for this semester. Students have been handing in projects, and teachers have been busy writing “feed-back” and “feed-forward” as well as grading. Comments and grading is reflecting the knowledge that has been achieved up untilnow, and it is important to remember that there are more time for learning next term to reach the knowledge levels one wishes.

It is even more important to be proud of what has been achieved so far. It is important to remember something one has learned this semester, something one did not know, or could not do at the beginning of the semester, something that has been developed. It is important to remember how it felt, how the new understanding has helped to understand something new, and to remember how it was possible to achieve it.

Perhaps the best Christmas gift is to be proud of what has been achieved this term, and give oneself and each other both time and patience to find opportunities to feel good. It is time to rest, relax and enjoy the holiday. We are all worth it.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018.

Student Work



One of the hardest things about moving to Sweden for our international staff and students is the long, dark, and cold Swedish winters. After Höstlov, it seems as though we only get a few hours of daylight each day. But as soon as the snow comes sprinkling down, energy is restored and that cozy Swedish winter feeling arrives.

Of course, it also helps to celebrate the Swedish tradition of Lucia. Other Scandinavian countries celebrate Lucia, but it’s otherwise a very new experience to most of us coming from outside of Europe. Lucia has become a common celebration in Sweden to symbolize light, with a Luciatåg (Lucia Train) of students wearing white and holding candles while singing. It is said that celebrating Lucia helps one get through the long and dark winter days!

This year, our Music teachers Ms Fournier and Mr Ellis organized Lucia with students from across the school. Surrounded by cozy candles in the Lunch Hall, our students presented a lovely Luciatåg for their fellow students, staff, and family members on December 13th. It was a spectacular performance! Afterwards, the cozy winter feeling continued with a little fika after lunch for all students.

A big thank you to Ms Fournier, Mr Ellis, and our amazing students for bringing that wonderful winter feeling to our school!

From the Principal

Open House at IES Falun

Dear all,

Last night we had our Open House event at IES Falun with a great number of visitors. I believe we had ca 230 guests, who filled our Lunch Hall and took the opportunity to walk around the school to ask questions and get things explained from our dedicated staff and students. Having so many of our own students volunteer to be guides during this evening shows that they are proud of their school. It makes a big difference for visitors to be able to get first-hand information, from students' perspectives, about the learning environment that we provide. Many visitors expressed how impressed they were when visiting the subject rooms. They especially mentioned that they were inspired by our passionate staff and our students energy.

Thank you all for making it such a rewarding evening with many possible future families to join our school.

Take care and be safe.

Magdalena Iljans