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Football Skol DM

Football Skol DM

Over the past two weeks, our Junior students (Years 4 - 6) have had the opportunity to participate in the local Football Skol DM competition! This is something fairly new for our school, and we're really excited to be adding more sports into our school culture.

In September, our PE Teacher Mr Croft hosted try outs for one girls and one boys football team. The lucky crew that made it through to the IES Falun Football Team faced their first challenge together when they spent a day at the Skol DM competition! Our boys team travelled to Sundborn to challenge 3 other schools. They did amazingly, winning 2 of their 3 matches! The following week, our girls team headed over to Kopparvallen to also challenge 3 other schools. What an exciting day it was when they won all 3 of their matches! As the champion of this round, our girls will head out on another adventure soon when they will challenge a few more schools.

We are so proud of all the students who have tried out and played on these two teams! Many of our students play football at recess time, but don't have any formal training in after school programs. They all did amazingly and really exemplified what team spirit is!

To continue our quest to include more sports opportunities for students at school, we have also created a Sports Council this year. This is a team of students who want to see more sports available before, after, and during school - in the form of Skol IF activities and Skol DM competitions! Starting after Höstlov, this team will be running 4 after school sports clubs - basketball, football, dance, and dodgeball! The activities are open to all students, and we can't wait to see what other clubs open up during the school year!

From the Principal

IES Falun awarded Most Improved IES School 2017-18

IES Falun awarded Most Improved IES School 2017-18

Last week, at IES Quality Conference, our school was awarded most improved IES school for the Academic Year 2017-18! This award is based on IES central quality survey, that our students, guardians and employees participate in annually, and anonymously each spring. 

These fine results are a product of a collective work at IES Falun during the past year. It has been a year of absolut dedication, and we will continue to develop together. Staff and students impress me every day, and together with PTA IES Falun has taken out the direction for a bright future. PTA is our Parent Teacher Association, that plays a crucial role for our students. Parents and school need to work close together, and one area that had improved considerable in last year's survey, was the parent involvement.

Warmly welcome to IES Falun to experience the school when you have the opportunity.

Beginning of Term

Beginning of Term

It's been quite a busy first month back to school here at IES Falun!

We had a wonderful and sunny beginning of term where we welcomed all the students back to school! It was so nice to see the hallways come back to life after a couple of weeks of just teachers and staff working.

We kicked off the year with a Year Group Day where classes went out on an adventure together in Falun and got to work on getting to know each other and teamwork skills. And just this week, we followed up on those introduction week themes with a full Friendship Week at school. We have had fun theme days, daily acts of kindness, and challenges for students to take part in while earning points. It's been really great watching the students work together and encourage each other to be good friends.

During this Friendship Week, we also hosted our annual Skoljoggen race and Aesthetics Afternoon with the students. Two completely different activities on one day - and really fun for the whole school! We started the morning off with Skoljoggen at Kålgården where students raced against their year group to take home a medal! We ran for an hour around Kålgården before coming back to school for lunch and heading into the Aesthetics Afternoon.

Our wonderful Ms Ghani introduced a school wide project this year to bring our to life the art work our staff and students make. To kick-off the project, all staff and students have participated in an art installation that is now presented all across our school. We have all decorated a circle to represent what our school stands for. We had themes such as international, growth, empathy, structure, love, and inclusiveness. The staff and students created the most beautiful pieces of artwork that have really brought our school to life!

It's been a wonderful beginning of term, and we are really looking forward to what the rest of the school year brings!

From the Principal

Welcome back to IES Falun for the 2018/19 school year.

After one Mentor/Class-day, one Year Team-day and two regular school days, we are off to an exciting start. This year IES Falun has grown to 18 classes, with 480 students in three parallel classes in Year Teams 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 54 members of staff, of various nationalities.

All together, staff and students have been enjoying the time together doing different activities and setting a clear tone regarding our calm learning environment, how to appreciate high academic aspirations, along with getting the students back into the mode of speaking English.

As we also want to get our parents and guardians off to the best start possible for 2018/2019, we hosted a well-attended School Soft demonstration last night, which also covered the understanding of the Swedish curriculum's levels of knowledge requirements. It is important that we all support our young learners in how to appreciate the learning process, i.e. the simple fact that we must practice and learn before we can achieve any desirable level of knowledge. This also includes the understanding of how the different levels of knowledge in the learning matrices distinguishes, and what is required to achieve a certain end-grade in year 9. Clear expectations is a prerequisite for our safe and calm learning environment and enables our high academic achievement.  

Together, we are now ready to grow during our 2018-2019 academic year!

Warmly welcome! 

Graduation 2018

Graduation 2018

And just like that, another school year has come to a close!

IES Falun hosted their second Year 9 Graduation this year, and what a fantastic and heart-warming event it was. Our Graduating Class of 2018 has been with IES Falun since we opened our doors in 2014 (back when they were only in Year 6!).

We were lucky enough to have our entire school attend the graduation. All of our students got to watch as the graduating class received their awards and diplomas, and celebrate in their achievements at IES Falun. Our graduating class has really been a set of amazing role models and friends for our whole school this year, and we are so very proud of them!

In between awards and diplomas, we also got to watch a number of beautiful performances by some of our staff and students. We had a Blues Band, some singers, and two graduating students who performed Good Riddance by Green Day (from when they competed in the IES Eurovision contest).

It was a lovely day, and we are truely going to miss all the students who graduated this year! We wish you all the best on your next steps, and hope you visit us!