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From the Principal

Happy Advent

Dear all,

The Fall Term is soon coming to an end as we are gearing up for the cozy and so well deserved holiday break. Teachers and students are wrapping up their classroom projects, Luciatåg practice is underway, and our students are enjoying some tomtegröt and Julkalendern in the mornings before their lessons. What a wonderful time of the year!

We had our Open House a few weeks ago. There was a fantastic turnout and it was a rewarding evening for us, with many possible future families to join our school. We had over 200 visitors filling our Lunch Hall, who also took the opportunity to walk around the school to ask questions and learn more about our school environment, our subject rooms, the energy and passion shared by the great number of students who showed up to proudly guide our visitors around the school.

Our Student Council is busy finishing up their work on our school’s Abusive Treatment Plan, which is part of our Equal Treatment Plan. They have also been meeting with Fazer (our food deliverer) during our Food Council Meetings. 

The Oral National Tests have just happened for our Year 6 and 9 students. Meanwhile, students in Years 4, 5, 7, and 8 had Year Team days filled with fun activities together with their classmates (visits to 2047 Framtidsmuseét and Falun’s new Moco Loco indoor football field, among other places!). The students in Year 7 and 8 also had a day focused on learning about tolerance, with a presentation by Mary Jeseela and her team from, followed with two lessons and group work.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be enjoying the holiday spirit around school! We have our Luciatåg planned for next week (filled with staff and students!), our yearly Julbord is planned for December 13th, and there are rumours of a cozy dress-up day being planned for the end of term!

There are just two weeks left of the Fall 2019 Term, which means there are lots of activities planned and work to be completed, and together, “to-get-there”, we continue to work resolutely towards our vision that all our students are equipped with the knowledge, values and tools to feel so safe, secure and knowledgeable, to make wise, well-thought-out and choices in our democratic and equal society. We celebrate and challenge ourselves and each other! We do this together.


Skol-DM: Girls Football

Skol-DM: Girls Football
Today it was the girls turn to play their group games for Skol-DM football

Första matchen var mot Söderbaumska skolan. Den gick bra och vi hade bra passningsspel. Det slutade 3-2 till Söderbaumska. Stina gjorde första målet med en tunnel på deras målis. Det andra målet var av Lovisa, det var många framför målet så det var lite rörigt med bollen men Lovisa lyckades skjuta bollen bredvid deras målis och in i mål. Deras mål var av långskott från deras sida över till en fri spelare som stod framför vårt mål och sköt in den i mål.

Den andra matchen var mot Skräddarbacksskolan. Den spelade vi oavgjort, 2-2. Första målet vi gjorde var av Agnes som kom helt fri med bollen efter att Skräddarbacken kastade ett inkast som vi tog emot och sköt till Agnes. Det andra målet gjordes på Stinas frispark som var på vår planhalva med ett hårt skott rakt på deras mål, då en av deras spelare tog upp foten och styrde bollen över målvakten in i mål.  De gjorde snygga mål som var svåra för Fanny att ta för att de stod ganska nära henne när de sköt. 

På båda matcherna var det de som gjorde det första målet och vi som fick försöka att ta ikapp. Vi tyckte att det var kul att spela men lyckades inte ta oss vidare till final.

Both matches were incredibly exciting to watch as it was so close between all 3 teams. The girls played well together and were wonderful ambassadors for IES through their sportsmanship and team spirit. We are so very proud of them.

Skol-DM: Boys Football

Skol-DM Football Boys
We had a successful day of football yesterday. Some of the team have written a short report:

Nu har första rundan av Skol DM varit och första matchen var mot Mosaikskolan då  vann vi med 19-1 och vi hade bra spel också. Andra matchen mot Söderbaumska vann vi med 8-1 och vi tycker att vi hade bra lag o bättre spel än dom andra lagen. Nu är vår skola i finalen i Skol DM 2019 så snart ska vi spela igen. Dom som var med och representerade våran skola 2019 var Noel, Baran, Walat, William, Svante, Alexander, Mahmoud, Rodi, Marwan, Axel G och Axel R. Nu längtar vi efter att vinna finalen i Skol DM 2019.

We would like to wish the team good luck for their next games! Play well and be good sporting ambassadors for our school.

Student Work

Home Economics Apple Art

Home Economics Apple Art

With classes started again, the students worked with Ms. Jungåker in Home Economics to create these wonderful pieces of food art!

They learned that even with cooking, you can be creative!

We look forward to seeing more impressive "Food Art" from the students in Home Economics this year! 

From the Principal

One and a half week in to the school year 2019-20

Dear all

After one Class-day, one Year Team-day and one week of regular school days, we are now off to an exciting school year. Students and staff have been enjoying the time together doing different activities and setting a clear tone regarding our expectations about our safe and calm learning environment, high academic aspirations, along with getting the students back into the mode of speaking English. There will be stories from the Year Team day published shortly.

This year IES Falun has grown to 504 students, in 18 three parallel classes in Year Teams 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, as well as 55 members of staff, of various nationalities.

Last week’s Academic SchoolSoft evening for guardians and parents was well attended. Parents and guardians were able to discuss with each other, and one of our Förstelärare, Ms Pietilä and IT-rep Mr Grindrod, to gain a better understanding of the Swedish curriculum, Lgr 11 , and how it is connected to School Soft to show the students’ learning progress. This Wednesday we had the fall term’s Parents and Guardians Meeting the Mentors Evening with a social development focus. 

It is important that we all work together to support our young learners in how to appreciate, understand and embrace the learning process and develop as respectful, safe and responsible democratic citizens. In order to learn and develop, we must all adopt a growth mindset and welcome the work it entails both academically and socially. Understanding the expectations, is a prerequisite for it.  Thanks for attending! 

Together, we will work resolutely towards our vision that all our students are equipped with the knowledge, values and tools to feel so safe, secure and knowledgeable, to make wise, well-thought-out and choices in our democratic and equal society. We celebrate and challenge ourselves and each other! We do this together.