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First day of Spring term 2015

The first day of the Spring term 2015 is Wednesday January 7th. The times for the students that day are 10:00-13:00 and the day will be spent together with the mentors. Junior club is open and lunch is served that day. 

From the start of next term we will get access to our new, great Lunch hall which will lead to some schedule changes. As soon as the new schedules are finished information will be posted on SchoolSoft. Printed schedules will be handed out January 7th. Lessons according to schedule starts Thursday January 8th. 


Student shares experiences from the first term at IES Falun

Yesterday evening there was an Information meeting about IES Falun and the upcoming expansion. During the evening Filippa Hedberg, the Student Council Ambassador of the school, gave a speech where she shared her experiences from the first term at IES Falun: 

Good evening to everyone and welcome to this IES information meeting! An especially warm welcome to those who hopefully will be a part of IES Falun next year.  As I am one of 15,500 students that go to one of the IES schools, I am one of the happy 156 students that go to this school here in Falun.  

My name is Filippa Hedberg and I am a year 7 student at IES Falun. I am also the Student Council Ambassador for 2014/2015.  Tonight, I will share my experiences with you.

Before I came to this school, I couldn’t figure out what I was feeling.  Parts of me were scared and worried. What if I couldn’t make any friends? What if IES is a “geeky school” like some of my friends thought? Would I be as smart as the other kids? On the other hand, nothing made me more happy and excited to come to IES Falun.  I experience:  

  • A positive and safe learning environment.  

  • Supportive teachers.  

  • Extra help in English and Swedish.

  • And I have met a lot of new friends.  

Everything I heard about the school at the information meeting last year is true.

At the Summer BBQ, I got to the opportunity to meet both of my mentors as well as everyone in my class.  We played some team building games and my mentors gave me information for the first week of school.  At first, it was a bit awkward to meet 32 shy faces standing in a circle while our enthusiastic mentors were basically dancing around, trying to make us move and talk to each other, but eventually it all went away, and some of us didn’t want to go home; we had already started growing friendship within our class.

With thanks for the Summer BBQ, the first day of school was amazing.  As soon as we started to gather in the school yard, I began to see those faces from before and it felt comfortable.  As soon as Ms. Stengård let our class inside, we got to see the brand new school for the first time!  It was so AMAZING!  Just like the BBQ, some of us didn’t want to go home after school; we wanted to meet more of our teachers and make more friends.

Throughout the school year, I have been enjoying my learning experiences.  Some of my favourite subjects include Music, English, SO, and Maths.  All of the teachers here at our school are very supportive, enthusiastic in their teaching, and always take the time to listen to us when we want our voice to be heard.  I guess a good teacher can teach me, but a GREAT teacher will support me like the teachers here at IES Falun.  

On my spare time, I sit on Student Council and the choir; of course, there are other clubs such as Athletic council, Maths club, Drama club, guitar lessons, or whatever the students and teachers believe there is an interest in.  As soon as we come up with an idea or plan, the team we have here at IES Falun work together to make it happen!

Now, one question that many people often ask me when I tell them that I go to an IES school is whether I am allowed to speak Swedish at all in the school.  Well, at IES Falun, we do our best to practice our English in the class as much as possible, yet we have the freedom to speak Swedish during breaks and lunches or when we need help in the classroom. I speak mainly English with the teachers but I speak swedish with my friends.

So when reflecting on the last couple months, I am so happy that I decided to come to this wonderful school.  There are some parts of me that wish I could go back to the Filippa back in August so that I could say, “You’ll be fine!  You will make new friends!  Don’t hesitate and go for it because you will have an amazing time …!”  

If I had any advice for students or parents that will soon be joining the IES family, it would be to not worry, and to simply get excited for school! And I would also like to tell you that;

  • this is the best school where EVERYONE is equal and respected,

  • getting involved in the learning IS COOLER than getting involved in the disruptions,

  • learning English will take time, but speaking it will improve your English skills.

I promise you that you won’t be disappointed if you come to IES Falun!  Thank you very much for letting me speak tonight and I look forward to see you next year.