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World Book Day

World Book Day

Our school has been celebrating World Book Day for the past couple of years. It's a chance to shine a light on the wonderful world of literature and connect a school wide set of activities to the learning students are doing every day in their lessons.

We started the celebrations with a writing competition, where students were able to write a short story up to 10 pages long by themselves or with a friend. We had really wonderful stories come in this year, and are excited to celebrate the students across the school who won the competition in their year groups! Students were rewarded with a Writing Competition Trophy and movie tickets!

After that, we filled the week with other fun activities. We held a dress-up day where staff and students could dress-up as their favourite book character. We also hosted our annual Book Cover Door Competition, where classes worked together to decorate their mentor classroom door to look like an existing book cover. The designs this year were amazing, and here you can see some of them!

We also have a competition celebrating the ever so popular book series, Harry Potter. Ms de Linares in the library had two Hedwig the Owl stuffed animals, and she hosted a competition for students to win one! The library windows were decorated with some famous quotes from the Harry Potter book series, and students needed to guess which character said that quote. Hopefully we can continue the competition next year with a new book series that's popular amongst the students!

All in all, we had a wonderful week of celebrating all that has to do with books. Not only do books contain facts and important information that we can learn from, but they also teach readers sympathy and understanding by traveling through the lives of different characters. They provide a quiet moment of rest and relaxation to many, or adventure and escape from reality for others! Luckily, schools are full of books, and we are dedicated to teaching students how to find their happiness in the vast world of literature that exists in the world!

Winter Sports Day

Winter Sports Day

Just before heading off on a well deserved Sportlov, our students had Winter Sports Day (in this gorgeous, spring-like weather Falun is having!). This year, we changed things up a bit and hosted year group based sports day, where all the students in one year group participated in the same winter activity together. Our focus was to provide every student, over the course of their years at our school, the opportunity to learn how to cross-country ski (Year 4), speed skate (Year 5), skate on the lake (Year 6), and downhill ski (Years 7-9). And what better way to do that then with your friends on a beautifully sunny day!

Falun is lucky to have the program Alla På Snö available to our Year 4 students. This is when gymnasium students in Falun are paired up with the students from our school to teach them how to cross-country ski for a day. They provide lessons and run fun activities, meaning that both those who have never cross-country skied before and those who have done it for years have an enjoyable day.

Year 5s got to meet with Dala Active Skater's Sven Olsson to test out a pair of real speed skates and race against their classmates (and teachers!). We also rented out the other skating rinks at Lugnet, so while they weren't in a speed skating lesson with Sven, they could practice their regular skating skills with friends or play a game of hockey.

As we all know, skating on a frozen lake isn't as easy as skating on a freshly cleaned and maintained skating rink! That's why the students in Year 6 headed over to Främby Udde for a day of learning to skate on the frozen Lake Runn. There is a small skating area just near the land for beginners, and then a 5km and 10km track for students to choose from when they feel ready to venture off!

And finally, our senior school (Years 7 - 9) went to Källviken to downhill ski (or snowboard, if they had their own). It's a great hill to learn on if students have never tried downhill skiing before, while also providing a day of fun for those who know how to downhill ski or snowboard. They also have a small hill to the side where student could go sledding, and a lovely ski chalet at the bottom of the hill for students to warm up in.

Luckily, all of these locations were equipped with an outdoor grill. So all of our staff and students got to grill hotdogs on an open fire and eat their lunch with a beautiful view on a sunny winter day. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to another wonderful Winter Sports Day next year!

From the Principal

January 2019

Dear all

We are now well started with the spring term. Going on the fourth week, we have now enrolled in the National tests period for Year 6 & 9. 

We have had our Parent Evening, where different year groups focused on different topics. We have also carried out this term’s Development talks last week. The development talks are one of the most important meetings during the school year, as they are an opportunity for reflection on learning and development academically and socially, and to keep future dreams alive. The reflection process and the goal-setting that take place during these talks are an essential part of the education.

Together, mentors, students and guardians reflect and evaluate the goals from the last development talks and feedback / feedforward from the teachers, to make learning meaningful, with the best interest of each child. We cooperate to stimulate and support our students to develop as far as possible. It is about our collective responsibility for your child's right to education. Together, we shall help them fill their "backpacks" with the knowledge and values they need in order to navigate safely, and make well thoughts decisions in a complex and changeable reality with a vaste flow of information.

During the development afternoons, "Study Club" was organized in the Lunch Hall, where staff was available to support our students with their school work.

Next we are preparing for Winter Sports Day, that is coming up next week with cross country skiing and speed skating aat Lugnet, långfärds-skating at Främby udde, as well as down hill skiing and snowboarding at Källviken. Parents and guardians are welcome to join. Please contact us this week.

Thank you all students, guardians and staff!

We are off to yet another exciting term at IES Falun.

End of Fall 2018 Term

End of Fall 2018 Term

Welcome back for the Spring 2019 Term! The days are getting brighter and longer (bit by bit!), and we have started off a whole new term of exciting lessons, activities, and event days.

Just before we went for holidays, we also had a really love end of Fall Term with the students. To get us in the Christmasy spirit, we started off with our Luciatåg organized by our wonderful Music teachers, Ms Fournier and Mr Ellis. This year, students from all across the school participated - and even some staff members, too! It was a very beautiful performance enjoyed by all (especially since it was followed by gingerbread cookies at lunch time!).

After that, we had Student Choice Days. We have traditionally hosted Choice Days at our school at the end of each term. These days are filled with fun activities hosted by our staff, usually connected to the Swedish curriculum but in a more hands on and practical way. However, this year we turned the Choice Day planning over to our Year 9 students as a leadership project embedded in their Life Skills lessons!

Our Year 9s did an absolutely amazing job researching, planning, designing, and executing their Choice Day activities! They came up with some brilliant activities to run - Character Creation Workshop, Open Art Studio, Gingerbread House Competition, Sci-Fi Writing Workshop, Aviation Studies, all sorts of different sports, and more! It was also a really great opportunity for the Year 9 students to work on their leadership skills by teaching and leading the younger students in the school. As an added bonus, students got to meet new people from all across the school that shared an interest in the activity they had signed up for, meaning students now know some new faces all across the school!

Here are some pictures from the Choice Day activities:


From the Principal

Wrapping up the fall term 2018

Dear all,

We have just finished up our fall term here at IES Falun, and consistent to IES Falun habit of walking the extra mile together, staff wrapped it up this Wednesday.

Thank you all for an intense and valuable term here at IES Falun. Students and staff have been busy all the way to the end, and have done wonderful job of building our school culture further. It has been great to see everybody integrating well with the new class mixing, and to see the students developing their academic knowledges and skills throughout the term.

Thank you also to all parents and guardians for this term. Together with you, we support each other for the best for your children / our students. As we grow larger and build our community, it is important to remind ourselves of who we are and what we value. Thank you for your co-operation in building our positive and respectful atmosphere, for our calm learning environment, supporting the development of bilingualism, and always having high expectations in everything we do, through challenges and growth. Thank you also for co-operation with improving the traffic situation outside of school this term.

I wish you all a restful break with a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you all Wednesday January 9th 2019.