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Library - Writing Competition

Library - Writing Competition


Thursday 23rd February Hollywood Comes to IES Falun

You are invited to walk the red carpet and mingle with the new JK Rowling and Bob Dylan celebrities as well as author Anna-Klara Mehlich who will be with us during The Event. Canapés and a glass of Bubble will be served as you listen to live music. Restricted space! Ensure that you don’t miss this Event and reserve your place in good time!


RSVP tel: 0738522399

Student Work

Water Cycle

Students in grade 7 created comic strips about the water cycle. This particular student not only showed an excellent understanding of these concepts but the effort, creativity, storytelling and artistic ability really makes this student's work outstanding!

Well done Nina Strykowska in 7A. Keep up the fantastic work!

Library VIP Event

Library VIP Event

At first, my idea was just a simple Writing Competition. But the initial idea developed into something bigger and more exciting!

I wanted to create something which IES could hold as an annual event. Something which would give the library an exciting connotation, rather than just be known by most students as a 'dead' area, a place where people come to borrow books, read or study in quiet: generally a 'boring' place where nothing much happens. I would like the library to become the focal and meeting point for the school; a real cultural 'hot spot'!

So the Library VIP Event was born. Winners of the Writing Competition were seated in the library like real authors receiving admirers, autographing copies of their winning entry for fellow students. The 'authors' were interviewed and filmed by not just one, but two local papers! (report of the event on ''Internationella Engelska Skolan rullar ut röda mattan för sina elever''). A red carpet was rolled out; a glass of bubbly (pommac) and canapes (made by students from Year 8) were served as students finished for the day and came down to the school reception area to fetch an autographed copy of one of the winning stories.

Furthermore, each story entered for the Writing Competition will be professionally bound in a book titled 'Writing Competition Annual' with the relevant date; the idea being that we will gradually build up a collection of Annuals, which will be available in the IES library for everyone to read.

The next important date which we are now preparing for is of course World Book Day. Watch this page to see how we celebrated this special day!

Ms de Linares