Year 6 Visits Naturskolan

Year 6 Visits Naturskolan

This blog post is collectively written by the students in Year 6 about their adventures at Naturskolan!

Last week, we went to Naturskolan. We met at the bathing place called Lilltorpet.

When we got there, we had to eat lunch first so we could get some energy for the day's activities. Then we listened to our guide whilst she was explaining the equipment we would use and how our day would go. We had four stations, each with a different activity involving the ice. We got to try “saving” our friends, ice sculpting, and pulling ourselves forward with ice-picks. The final station was to do an 'isvak' - jump in the freezing cold water and pull yourself out!

"I enjoyed the ice sculpture station most. We used a saw and started cutting the big ice cube in different shapes. I made a shape which looked like a weird fish!" said Manoswita.

One Year 6 student said, "I enjoyed to use the ice-picks on the ice. It was an interesting thing. I learned how to save someone!"

At the last station, the teacher at Naturskolan jumped into the ice bath to show us how it was done. The people from our class who wanted to also got to jump straight into the water! One by one and with a lot of safety stuff on. It was really fun to watch actually!

"I almost freaked out from the cold water, but honestly it was very fun and I actually enjoyed it and I want to do it again." said Yazan.

"It was very fun, cold but fun. I liked it because it was very exciting and you were so nervous at first but after you did it it was just fun. I learned a lot like how to get out of the water and more safety about being on the ice." said Iris and Wilma.

"My favourite part was when I did jump in the frozen water. I learned how to stay calm and what to do when you fall in the freezing cold water." said Yusuf.

"I learned about being safe on the ice and how to use the equipment if you fell down through the ice. It was an absolutely amazing experience with my friends." said Linnea.

Our day at Naturskolan was a fun group experience that made us know more about each other. We all were laughing about people's faces coming out of the cold water. After there was a warm sauna waiting for their wet and freezing bodies. We’re happy to have experienced this activity as a class and would recommend other people to do it as well.

Visit our Instagram @iesfalun to see some fun drone footage of the students doing the isvak! Thank you, Naturskolan, for such a wonderful few days together.