Winter Sports Day

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Winter Sports Day

Just before heading off on a well deserved Sportlov, our students had Winter Sports Day (in this gorgeous, spring-like weather Falun is having!). This year, we changed things up a bit and hosted year group based sports day, where all the students in one year group participated in the same winter activity together. Our focus was to provide every student, over the course of their years at our school, the opportunity to learn how to cross-country ski (Year 4), speed skate (Year 5), skate on the lake (Year 6), and downhill ski (Years 7-9). And what better way to do that then with your friends on a beautifully sunny day!

Falun is lucky to have the program Alla På Snö available to our Year 4 students. This is when gymnasium students in Falun are paired up with the students from our school to teach them how to cross-country ski for a day. They provide lessons and run fun activities, meaning that both those who have never cross-country skied before and those who have done it for years have an enjoyable day.

Year 5s got to meet with Dala Active Skater's Sven Olsson to test out a pair of real speed skates and race against their classmates (and teachers!). We also rented out the other skating rinks at Lugnet, so while they weren't in a speed skating lesson with Sven, they could practice their regular skating skills with friends or play a game of hockey.

As we all know, skating on a frozen lake isn't as easy as skating on a freshly cleaned and maintained skating rink! That's why the students in Year 6 headed over to Främby Udde for a day of learning to skate on the frozen Lake Runn. There is a small skating area just near the land for beginners, and then a 5km and 10km track for students to choose from when they feel ready to venture off!

And finally, our senior school (Years 7 - 9) went to Källviken to downhill ski (or snowboard, if they had their own). It's a great hill to learn on if students have never tried downhill skiing before, while also providing a day of fun for those who know how to downhill ski or snowboard. They also have a small hill to the side where student could go sledding, and a lovely ski chalet at the bottom of the hill for students to warm up in.

Luckily, all of these locations were equipped with an outdoor grill. So all of our staff and students got to grill hotdogs on an open fire and eat their lunch with a beautiful view on a sunny winter day. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to another wonderful Winter Sports Day next year!