A New PRAO Experience!

A New PRAO Experience!

This year has been full of adjustments and new experiences - with an ongoing pandemic and all! Which means are traditional plans for PRAO needed a revamping this year so that our students could still get valueable work experience in order to prepare them for their upcoming gymnasium applications, goal setting, and future career paths.

Year 7s and 9s usually find their own PRAO placements, with help from our Career Councellor, Ms Tigerstedt. However, since students couldn't do out-of-school placements this year, we got a little creative here at IES Falun to build something new for them.

Year 7s are participating in a year-long PRAO placement in school. Together with a partner, each student is going to spend a day PRAOing in our kitchen, making a yummy lunch for their fellow school mates! The students learn how to quickly chop vegetables for the salad bar and prepare large amounts of foods at once. The PRAO students are often in charge of the "specialkost" for the day (ie., our vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten free option), meaning they also learn about food substitutions and alternative cooking methods. After lunch is served, they help the kitchen staff clean up by wiping down all the tables, stacking chairs, and taking away the uneaten food.

Additionally, Year 7s have been spending some time with our Caretaker, Mr Johnson. There's a lot that goes on in a school behind the scences, so our students are getting a taste of all the little errands that need to be done throughout a normal day at IES Falun. From fixing lights, signage, broken furniture, etc., to setting up for upcoming events, to shoveling snow outside!

The Year 9s had PRAO week back in December, where they signed up for various presentations that were being hosted by local professionals. We had presentations from staff members, guardians of our students, friends, and family who wanted to teach the Year 9 students about what their regular work day looks like. Although our students didn't get to spend a full week at once workplace, they instead got a little taste of many different jobs and could ask questions to these professionals througout the presentations. We are so thankful for all the people who volunteered their time to speak to our students!