National Test Season!

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National Test Season!

National Test Season is upon us! Every couple of weeks throughout the Spring Term, the students in Years 6 and 9 will be writing their Swedish, English, and Math National Tests.

Here at IES Falun, we host Breakfast Club on a daily basis to make sure that the students have something in their tummies before starting their day of lessons. On National Test days, we make sure there's something extra special for the students who are writing the tests. Some students from Year 4 and 5 help decorate a portion of the Lunch Hall with paper table cloths and markers, so that students can draw or play games as they enjoy a breakfast together with all their classmates.

Our wonderful kitchen staff make up an extra special breakfast for our students. Fresh baked buns with all the best sandwich toppings, warm oatmeal with jam and berries, yogurt, cereal, hash browns, hard boiled eggs, etc. And then we have a tea and smoothie bar for students to serve themselves at.

It's a really nice start to the National Test day. Students, mentors, and teachers get to sit together, calm their nerves, and enjoy breakfast together before they write. It's a lovely tradition we look forward to continuing with our students!