Student Work

One of the hardest things about moving to Sweden for our international staff and students is the long, dark, and cold Swedish winters. After Höstlov, it seems as though we only get a few hours of daylight each day. But as soon as the snow comes sprinkling down, energy is restored and that cozy Swedish winter feeling arrives.

Of course, it also helps to celebrate the Swedish tradition of Lucia. Other Scandinavian countries celebrate Lucia, but it’s otherwise a very new experience to most of us coming from outside of Europe. Lucia has become a common celebration in Sweden to symbolize light, with a Luciatåg (Lucia Train) of students wearing white and holding candles while singing. It is said that celebrating Lucia helps one get through the long and dark winter days!

This year, our Music teachers Ms Fournier and Mr Ellis organized Lucia with students from across the school. Surrounded by cozy candles in the Lunch Hall, our students presented a lovely Luciatåg for their fellow students, staff, and family members on December 13th. It was a spectacular performance! Afterwards, the cozy winter feeling continued with a little fika after lunch for all students.

A big thank you to Ms Fournier, Mr Ellis, and our amazing students for bringing that wonderful winter feeling to our school!