Letter from the new principal

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From the Principal

Dear students and guardians

First of all, I would like to thank the school's present and resigning principal Ms Forsberg for her effort and wish her luck in her new endeavours.

Then, I want to share, that not only do I feel a great honor and privilege to take over the role as the principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan Falun. I also feel very happy, as I feel I have come “home” again.

My connection with Falun began in my early years of youth, when I spent a lot of time in Falun with my bicycle friends in Falu CK and my ski friends in IFK III Falun Alpin during the 1980s. This connection continued when I studied at Dalarna University with a teaching degree in 1997.

Now, I'm back in this beautiful city and during the month of May, I have done my utmost to prepare school in the best way. I am proud to present our well-educated staff of 51 people, who will meet you in August and prepare all students for the future. The balance between Swedish-speaking and English-speaking is ideal for our bilingual school, 25 Swedish-speaking and 26 English-speaking, and the number of qualified teachers is 37. Together we will ensure that IES's three pillars; "Command of the English language", "A safe and orderly environment" and "High academic expectations and aspirations" is complied with. We will also focus on providing more sport, which we have chosen to call "health and movement".

I am indeed happy to be back in Falun and am look forward to getting to know you in August. The school will start on Wednesday 23rd August and further details will be posted on Schoolsoft during the summer.

In August I will invite you to a simple gathering, followed by the traditional parents' meeting some weeks later.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice summer!

Magdalena Iljans