Happy Summer 2020

From the Principal
Happy Summer 2020

Dear all

We have just finished IES Falun's sixth school year, and celebrated, thanked and wished the Class of 2020 all the best for their next adventure in their lives. This year's graduation was not only about celebrating the graduates achievements of 9 years of hard work during compulsory school, Class of 2020 was IES Faun’s first class to complete the full six years, starting in year 4 all the way through to year 9. Class of 2020 graduated at an exceptional time, and they handled it really well. They have been great role models in school, and shown leadership in many new ways, as well as managing to combine three end of term events into one; Graduation & Leavers Lunch with a Prom flavour. After six years of high expectations in a safe and calm bilingual learning environment each of these students have developed in to their own unique individuals, well equipped with knowledge and skills for making thoughtful choices for both their and our common future. 

A dear thank you to all students, guardians, and staff at IES Falun for this academic year. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this challenging spring term to uphold our quality education. Together, we have completed this academic year; learning, adapting and gaining new experiences along the way.

We are happy to announce the results from our annual quality survey show that we have increased the quality in the majority of areas. The students' experience of a safe and calm learning environment, as well as perception of “trivsel” and student influence, are back to the level we had two years ago, and even better, which is very pleasing. 

  • 91% of our students responded that they feel safe in our school without having to worry about different forms of personal violence or bullying. 
  • 78% of our students replied that our expectations of peace and quiet in our school, so that teachers can teach and students can work holds true. 
  • 76 % of our students experience that they get good feedback and feedforward from our teachers to grow and to develop further with their learning.
  • 84% of our students feel that they can access more challenging school work from their teachers if they want.
  • 78-80% of our responded that our school environment is garbage and grafitti free.

Apart from keeping these above key performance indicators at their level, or higher, the areas we need to focus on next year is the school lunch and more ways to involve guardians.  

  • 22% of the students and 45% of the guardians replied that they are satisfied with the quality of the school food.
  • 54% of the guardians assess the parental involvement as good.

We aim to have a full PTA, Parent Teacher Association, for the upcoming year. We plan to do two separate parent evenings, as well as developing a better IT-support program for guardians. 

  • One separate parent evening for Year Teams 4-6 
  • One separate parent evening  for Year Teams 7-9 
  • Three Lgr 11 Curriculum & SchoolSoft evenings throughout the school year.

To sum up, the results show that 94% of our guardians would recommend IES Falun to another parent, and below is a quote from one of the respondent families to illustrate this.

“Ni gör alla ett fantastiskt arbete! Håll i de höga förväntningarna på eleverna och fortsätt jobba för bra studieklimat i klassrummen och en spännande blandning av internationella och lokala lärare. Skolans profil bidrar till Faluns attraktivitet”.

Now, we all deserve a relaxing summer break, so we can return in August, ready to take on new challenges and apply the abilities that have developed during the summer.

During the next school year, 2020-21, we look forward to welcoming our new families in year 4, and a few new students in other years to our school. We will grow a little bit next year and become about 510 students all together.

Thank you everyone for this year, and I wish you a really nice summer!