Happy Spring Term!

From the Principal

Dear all

We are now three weeks into the spring term 2020, and we are looking forward to reflect and learn new things together, as well as continuing to build our school community with our Councils. In the light of “Barnkonventionen”, Student Council are currently working on defining the concept of “trivsel” student influence, Friendship Council is starting up activities around respect and acceptance, Academic Council is preparing presentations for students in years 6 and 9 around feelings about the National Tests and Sport Council is just starting up again after being on paus during the fall term. Welcome spring term 2020!

Last week's well attended spring term parent evening was organised in a new format by meeting in Year Teams. Year team 6 & 9 started the evening together, since both groups have the National Tests coming up this spring term. Together they were able to get the important information from the Swedish, English, Math, Science and SO-teachers directly, as well as ask any questions. Beside the National Test information, the overall theme of the evening was to get an overview of the spring term planning, as well as a deeper understanding of chapter 1 and 2 of the Swedish Curriculum, Lgr 11 and our Likabehandlingsplan and plan against kränkande behandling.

Our very important students’ development talks are coming up, and like during this fall we are using the SMART-format; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound, to help the talks with focus. The development talks are one of the most important meetings during the school year, as they are an opportunity for reflection on learning and development academically and socially, and to keep future dreams alive. The reflection process and the goal-setting that take place during these talks are an essential part of the education. It is of course important to reflect on the learning more often than during the Development talks, so we also aim to make reflection a habit in school. Each week we practice reflecting on learning, and how one can use the new knowledge any given day.

Together, we will work resolutely towards our vision that all our students are equipped with the knowledge, values and tools to feel so safe, secure and knowledgeable, to make wise, well-thought-out and choices in our democratic and equal society. This year we focus on learning and reflection as well as being responsible, respectful and feeling safe. We do this together to create our safe and calm environment.