End of Fall 2018 Term

End of Fall 2018 Term

Welcome back for the Spring 2019 Term! The days are getting brighter and longer (bit by bit!), and we have started off a whole new term of exciting lessons, activities, and event days.

Just before we went for holidays, we also had a really love end of Fall Term with the students. To get us in the Christmasy spirit, we started off with our Luciatåg organized by our wonderful Music teachers, Ms Fournier and Mr Ellis. This year, students from all across the school participated - and even some staff members, too! It was a very beautiful performance enjoyed by all (especially since it was followed by gingerbread cookies at lunch time!).

After that, we had Student Choice Days. We have traditionally hosted Choice Days at our school at the end of each term. These days are filled with fun activities hosted by our staff, usually connected to the Swedish curriculum but in a more hands on and practical way. However, this year we turned the Choice Day planning over to our Year 9 students as a leadership project embedded in their Life Skills lessons!

Our Year 9s did an absolutely amazing job researching, planning, designing, and executing their Choice Day activities! They came up with some brilliant activities to run - Character Creation Workshop, Open Art Studio, Gingerbread House Competition, Sci-Fi Writing Workshop, Aviation Studies, all sorts of different sports, and more! It was also a really great opportunity for the Year 9 students to work on their leadership skills by teaching and leading the younger students in the school. As an added bonus, students got to meet new people from all across the school that shared an interest in the activity they had signed up for, meaning students now know some new faces all across the school!

Here are some pictures from the Choice Day activities: