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Start of Term, Autumn 2019

We look forward to welcoming students back to school on 20 August 2019.

Have a wonderful summer and see you in the autumn.

Skol-DM: Orienteering

Skol-DM: Orienteering

Yesterday, IES Falun sent a team to the Skol-DM in Orientering. We travelled to Leksand, where a fast and furious course set out in the woodlands alongside the lake awaited us. In the heat of the day, 78 students were racing for their school. In the year 5 line-up were 2 girls from IES Falun; Ida and Klara. Klara was first off into the forest and although she was nervous before her start, she knew that once she got the map everything would be fine. Ida followed shortly afterwards and looked confident and in control of her navigating when she set off. Orienteering is a sport that makes for nervous supporters as the runners disappear into the forest and spectators are looking at their watches hoping to get a glimpse of their runners appearing out of the woods! It wasn’t long to wait for Klara to come storming out of the trees and towards the last control, with Ida in pursuit. Both girls had had a great run in the forest, clearing the course in under 21 minutes.

Thank you to Excel Education for organising a wonderful, sunny afternoon of fun racing.
















From the Principal

Approaching the end of the Academic Year 2018-19, and welcoming new students during IES Falun PTA’s barbeque evening

After a long and intensive National Tests period, students in year 6 completed their national tests last week, and this week, year 9 students finished their last national tests.

To support our students during these 12 weeks, Mr Andersson has collected their stress in his beard, and today, after the students in year 9 finished their last National test for the year, he had shaved it off to celebrate with them and gave a speech about being respectful to each other, and true to oneself in future choices.  


Mr Andersson during NT-period.


Year 9 students celebrating after the last test, and Mr Andersson in the background.

This upcoming week, PTA is also hosting our annual barbeque evening, to welcome our new students for next year. News from this event will be coming shortly. We wish all new families warmly welcome to IES Falun!

World Book Day

World Book Day

Our school has been celebrating World Book Day for the past couple of years. It's a chance to shine a light on the wonderful world of literature and connect a school wide set of activities to the learning students are doing every day in their lessons.

We started the celebrations with a writing competition, where students were able to write a short story up to 10 pages long by themselves or with a friend. We had really wonderful stories come in this year, and are excited to celebrate the students across the school who won the competition in their year groups! Students were rewarded with a Writing Competition Trophy and movie tickets!

After that, we filled the week with other fun activities. We held a dress-up day where staff and students could dress-up as their favourite book character. We also hosted our annual Book Cover Door Competition, where classes worked together to decorate their mentor classroom door to look like an existing book cover. The designs this year were amazing, and here you can see some of them!

We also have a competition celebrating the ever so popular book series, Harry Potter. Ms de Linares in the library had two Hedwig the Owl stuffed animals, and she hosted a competition for students to win one! The library windows were decorated with some famous quotes from the Harry Potter book series, and students needed to guess which character said that quote. Hopefully we can continue the competition next year with a new book series that's popular amongst the students!

All in all, we had a wonderful week of celebrating all that has to do with books. Not only do books contain facts and important information that we can learn from, but they also teach readers sympathy and understanding by traveling through the lives of different characters. They provide a quiet moment of rest and relaxation to many, or adventure and escape from reality for others! Luckily, schools are full of books, and we are dedicated to teaching students how to find their happiness in the vast world of literature that exists in the world!