Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Falun

IES Falun is a three parallel 4-9 school, now going into its sixth year, with 500 students in 18 classes, and 56 staff from various parts of the world. The balance between Swedish-speaking and English-speaking is ideal for our bilingual school: 30 Swedish-speaking and 26 English-speaking staff, and the percentage of qualified teachers is 88. Together, we will walk the extra mile to prepare our students for the future. 

When it comes to the bilinugalism, we strive to give students a thorough and deep understanding of the English language. We believe that students will learn greatly from being immersed in an English environment through their various subjects, on recess, at lunch time, and in the hallways. For this reason, almost half of our staff come from native English speaking counties (the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa). Starting already from Year 4, students get the opportunity to learn from these teachers not only in their English lessons, but also Math, Science, and their aesthetic subjects (such as Wood Craft, Physical Education, and Textiles). As the years go on, more subjects are taught in English and fewer are taught in Swedish. We support these English speaking teachers in presenting key words and information in Swedish so that students learn terms in both languages. We therefore provide students with the knowledge in both English and Swedish, meaning they are fully prepared for their next steps in gymnasium, university, and future jobs after their time at IES Falun.

IES Falun is a school where students are given the opportunity to develop and grow, to reach for dreams and to achieve success, and where teachers teach in a calm and supportive work environment. We do this by the three pillars of IES: "a safe and orderly environment", "high academic expectations and aspirations", as well as "command of the English language".  

This website, as well as our Instagram (@iesfalun) account is meant to reflect various student activities taking place at our school and provide you with a window into life here at IES Falun. 

Best Regards,

Magdalena Iljans,