Our Story

Internationella Engelska Skolan opened it’s doors in August 2014. Back then, the school consisted of only two floors with approximately 100 students and 25 staff members.

Our school remained small for the first two years so that we could build connections in our community, establish ourselves as a school, and make plans for our expansion in the following years. Since 2014, we have grown and transformed in every way possible!

Our school expanded from seven classrooms to 25! Our need for more space and classrooms grew as the number of students and classes continued to grow. We are now nearly 500 students in 18 classes from Years 4 - 9.

Students went from lunches in their classroom in our first year to having a big, beautiful Lunch Hall with our own kitchen. The Lunch Hall, which was completed in 2018, can seat two full year groups for lunch at a time, and has a lovely view of the playground. We have even been able to open up our very own Breakfast Club, open to all staff and students every morning as a nourishing start to a busy day of lessons.

We expanded our playground to allow for more outdoor activities for our students. Beside our existing football field and jungle gym, we built a basketball court and bandy rink for all our energetic students to play on at recess. We also built another group swing and brought in some picnic benches for students who want a more relaxing and calm recess outdoors. Over the past year, we have also built more bike racks outside of our playground giving students more space to run around.

Of course, with a growing number of students comes a growing number of staff! We now have nearly 60 staff members at our school from 12 different countries! Sweden, England, Scotland, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Finland, Spain, and Greece!

Now that we have completed our major renovations and grown to our full number of classes, our school is well equipped to continue supporting our students in their education and social growth. We look forward to continuing to provide a solid base for our students’ futures!