Our Story

Internationella Engelska Skolan in Falun begin its new life in August 2014.

The first two years allowed the school to settle and begin to grow roots within the local community. Now it is time for expansion.

During the summer the playground area will go through a major transformation. It will be expanded to allow the students more space to enjoy the outdoors and offer a greater choice of activities to take part in during their break time.

A basketball & innebandy court will be constructed to add to the existing football area for those with extra energy to play sports, as well as a table and bench area to allow students to sit, relax and just enjoy the fresh air.

A purpose built lunch hall is to be renovated which will cater for all the students' nourishment needs to help them grow and develop during their school life. It will be situated next to the playground giving students a fresh, open plan view of the playground outside.

Once the work is completed the students will have a well-equipped and appointed building for their future development within the school. Together with a dedicated staff this will provide a solid base for each student's future.

Pictures from the renovation work

Kitchen area to be refitted with new equipment

Lunch Hall

New Student Lounge